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Are You Going To Need An Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Expert?

Are You Going To Need An Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Expert?


Are You Going To Need An Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Expert?

by Dean Hartkins

When you are standing knee deep in water in your Atlanta kitchen, you can safely say that you experiencing a fair amount of stress. Many people are overwhelmed by water damage, even when it isn't knee deep. Some people aren't aware of just how many repairs have to be taken care of when it comes to water damage. You are certainly going to need the advice of someone who has knowledge about Atlanta mold and mildew removal.

While you are right in the middle of the water damage in your home, especially if there is standing water, the first thing you will need to do is to make sure that all the electricity is off at the main breaker. Don't forget about this important fact if the power is off due to power outage from a storm.

You may end up getting electrocuted while examining storm water damage when the power company gets the power back on and you are standing in the middle of the water. In addition to the incoming power, also turn off gas coming into your home.

After you cut the breaker off, you will want to survey the damage. If you are covered by flood insurance, then you need to take pictures before you start cleaning up the water. As soon as you get those pictures, however, you are going to need to focus on clean up. Mold that can be detrimental to your health can begin growing in a day's time in dampened conditions.

Pictures and written documentation from an Atlanta water damage restoration specialist will come in handy when it comes to filing claims on an insurance policy. If the damage is extreme, this should be the route that you take.

If the carpets in your home were affected by water, you will need to make sure to get it up to let it dry. If the water was clean, you will be able to hopefully salvage your carpets. If the water was sewer or if there was silt in it, then you may as well plan on discarding that carpet. The biggest concern you should have is the floor beneath the carpet because mold can start growing in damp areas in less than forty eight hours.

Water damage that is from sewer or has mud or silt is going to require the experience of an Atlanta water damage restoration specialist. If you are facing these kinds of water damage, getting some help will be your best bet.

About the Author:
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