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Are Paid Surveys Legit or A Waste Of Time?

Are Paid Surveys Legit or A Waste Of Time?


Are Paid Surveys Legit or A Waste Of Time?

by Shaw Lenerd

Companies across the global unveil new ideas and products every year to the consumer. Every single item on the market required some research and development to come into being. Technological companies like Apple spend millions of dollars annually in an effort to upgrade performance. Once a company has developed something new, they need to ensure consumers know about it. They need to guarantee consumers will decide they need it and want it. This is where you enter the equation.

Fortune 500 companies rely on consumer opinions for their success, and will spend millions each month just to get honest input from average citizens through surveys. There is too much risk in simply releasing a product onto the market without knowledge that people desire the product.

Surveys conducted for these companies range in size from a couple of questions to pages of inquiries. In turn, the reward for completing these surveys can run between a couple dollars to $75. Think about it: you spend nearly an hour completing survey, but you get paid at least $25 an hour! A survey that takes nearly an hour to complete will pay over $25 and up to $75. A survey requiring 10 minutes of your time will pay $5.

Besides completing surveys, there are other options for making extra money. People who enjoy movies should consider giving your opinion on unreleased movie trailers. Critiquing a movie trailer pays a minimum of $12 but could earn you $35. There are focus group opportunities available that pay between $50 and $150 for an hour's participation. Reviewing a new product you've agreed to test is another exciting opportunity. After it's over, the product is yours.

Paid Surveys Etc. is the most lucrative site regarding compensation for filling out surveys. Hundreds of questionnaires and other advantages become available in your email upon sign-up. Your email will be flooded fast with Paid Surveys Etc., so it is paramount that you create another email account.

Partnering with major companies distinguishes Paid Surveys Etc. for the others. Corporations such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Starbucks, Apple, and Sony use Paid Surveys Etc. solely to get their surveys out to the public.

Looking for a way to supplement your income? Filling out surveys may be right for you. Just giving their opinion earns thousands of people hundreds daily.

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