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Are Automated Forex Trading Robots As Beneficial As They Claim?

Are Automated Forex Trading Robots As Beneficial As They Claim?


Are Automated Forex Trading Robots As Beneficial As They Claim?

by Parker Smith

Much has been written about the virtues of Automated Forex Trading Robots, some of it self serving nonsense used to promote specific products in which the authors have a vested interest, with the thrust of the articles guaranteeing automatic futures profits while the investor improves his tan at the local beach. We should start by providing a definition of a trading robot, also referred to as an "expert advisor". An expert advisor is a computerized futures trading system which has been developed through the use of "artificial intelligence", and which follows a specific investment regimen. The system does not deviate from the inherent program instructions at any time, which eliminates the human factor.

I truly believe that when trading both common sense and good judgment are a requirement. Therefore, when it comes to EA's, I feel they are some that are of good quality, but you have to find the one that is right for you and will trade the way you like to trade. A quality trading robot is designed to analyze your trades, preform your entries, stop your losses, adjust itself to the changing market conditions, and close your trades with out any emotion, whatsoever. It is possible to find EA's that can be programmed to use your trading strategy or adjusted in a way that the robots own strategy will work more like yours.

Before you commit to using one of these emotionless tools, you should first consider the following questions: How long was it back tested for? What is its proof or history of winners and its percentage of losers? What is the reputation of the company offering it? What exactly is it designed to trade? It is advisable to be cautious of claims that state a robot can trade anything in the markets. Take the time to research these claims by doing a Google search and checking it out on the different blogs and forums.

In addition, this type of trading robot concept is probably best used by a futures market expert. This is because the seasoned futures operator has already developed his own mathematical methods for trading, whether intuitive or mechanical, and by using his own programs in conjunction with the built in formulas inherent in one of these robots, he may be able to overcome hesitation in trading decisions.

I would state unequivically that trusting an Automated forex Trading Robot to manage your money without any human safeguards for protection is financial suicide. To remove the investment aspect from this situation, who in their right mind would book an airline reservation for a flight which was totally dependant on a computer to make sure that you arrived safely at your destination? For sure, you would not catch me on that plane.

Keep in mind that no matter what is advertised by these Automated Forex Trading Robots, you can still lose everything. Do you think I am exaggerating? Well, then I suggest that you spend a few minutes perusing the fine print in the purchase contract regarding the responsibility for investment performance.

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