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Appreciation Of The Root Of Obesity May Help To Reduce Weight Gain

Appreciation Of The Root Of Obesity May Help To Reduce Weight Gain


Appreciation Of The Root Of Obesity May Help To Reduce Weight Gain

by Sarah Gardner

Obesity is closing in on epidemic levels today, and these rapidly rising numbers show no signs of stopping. It is critical for the medical and scientific worlds to take a hard look at the reasons obesity happens so that we can find a way to stop it.

One of the major issues in health care today is the skyrocketing prices associated with treating elevated blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac issues -all of which are closely associated with obesity. Since medical doctors and hospitals are now treating higher numbers of obese patients than ever, it's very clear that the causes for obesity must be found.

The numbers of obese Americans has risen to a shocking level in the last few decades: since 1980, the number of Americans over their "ideal" weight has tripled. In fact, about sixty percent of adults today are overweight, and 13% of kids and young adults are medically defined as obese. These frightening numbers add a new urgency to finding the reasons behind obesity.

The cost of treating obesity and it's related conditions is tremendous. Also, many people still die obesity related deaths that could be prevented if the patient would reduce their overall weight by 16%. The medical community, as well as many other community groups, are making serious efforts to lower the numbers of obese members of our society, and therefore eliminate many medical issues for these members of our society.

The most important cause of obesity was once the simple genetics of family heredity. Some people are just born with a natural tendency in their genetics to carry excess weight. This is something that has been studied with great intensity for many years but is not something that can currently be corrected or modified. However, it is not the cause of the obesity epidemic that is sweeping our nation.

What we do know is that a person's eating patterns are clearly a major causative factor in obesity. It sounds really easy, perhaps, to just "change the way you eat", but as anyone who has ever been on a diet will tell you: it's easier said than done.

It would seem that if a patient were told that the cause of their obesity is the food that they eat, it would seem easy for them to change the pattern. However, it isn?t. Individuals establish their eating habits over many years, beginning in their childhood and continuing through adulthood, changing these habits is a very difficult thing to do. If that seems odd, consider smokers. It is a known fact that smoking kills and still millions of people smoke every day without regard to the final effect of their choice.

Obesity is not a disease that strikes suddenly and out of the blue, but one that happens over time. The difficulty level of exchanging bad eating habits for good ones is one of the main reasons obesity flourishes. Diet centers like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and L.A. Weight Loss are trying to help people learn how to eat right and make healthy lifestyle changes so that they can avoid gaining weight again.

The hard part for some people is putting the skills learned in such programs into practice: many people don't have sufficient self control to do the programs. This basic fact is proof that knowing why obesity happens, and knowing the solution, is not always enough. To prevent obesity, it takes learning, good guidance, and a well structured program to make it all work- and of course, will power is vital.

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