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Anxiety And Vertigo Problems

Anxiety And Vertigo Problems


Anxiety And Vertigo Problems

by Christian Goodman

I have got many e-mail from my customers who bought my dizziness and vertigo program. They say that they have got big relief from dizziness after using my program. And they also mentioned about the relief they got from chronic vertigo for the first time after getting this illness.

I can't imagine having those symptoms, oftentimes once or more per month, for such a long period of time. Of course, I guess, I can. But that is all it is - imagining having to arrange my life to suit this unwelcome visitor. Having to avoid people and places because one never knows exactly when vertigo is going to rear its ugly head.

The above said things takes me to depression. That's why positive feedback's are always encouraging.

Many of my clients say they purchased my program after having extensive testing performed to rule out other causes of dizziness, only to be put on prescription medicines with side effects that didn't seem to be worth the cure.

Many of my clients who responded fell into two groups: The first being those who suffered vertigo as a result of a disorder of the peripheral vestibular system (structures of the inner ear), and those who suffered vertigo as a result of a disorder of the central vestibular system (vestibular nerve, brainstem, and cerebellum).

There were many who fell into the group of "No one knows what is causing this." Several of my clients, however, wrote to tell me that they'd been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and vertigo was determined to be a side effect.

Other side effects commonly reported were panic attacks, whose own symptoms include perspiration, shortness of breath, rapid or fluctuating heart beat and chest pain.

Some anxiety disorders include phobias (irrational fear of simple things or social occasions) and others include Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD (obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions including hoarding, listing, checking and counting). In fact, in several studies, researchers have found that almost 50 percent of those diagnosed with anxiety disorder report vertigo as a symptom.

As if this weren't bad enough, many also reported anxiety over experiencing dizziness. This could lead to a panic attack which could lead to, you guessed it, more dizziness.

Anti depressants and anti anxiety medicines did provide some relief, but these prescription carry the side effects of nausea and dizziness. Clients who emailed me said that they never had vertigo before taking these medicines. But they need this to reduce the effects of dizziness.

Whatever the cause of dizziness or vertigo, you can try my dizziness and vertigo program. It is very much recommended, comes with proven results and zero side effects.


About the Author:
Christian Goodman is a well known health researcher and the writer of several revolutionary natural health alternative methods. One of his best recognized breakthroughs is his natural Vertigo Treatment program. You can know more about Christian on his Natural Health Alternatives Blog.

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