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Anger Management Classes - 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Anger Management Classes - 9 Frequently Asked Questions


Anger Management Classes - 9 Frequently Asked Questions

by Broyde McDonald

Anger Management Classes, what are they?

Anger management classes are designed to teach educational skills to manage anger with. It is not a psychotherapy session. Classes run for about an hour or two and are repeated for at least ten sessions, depending upon your needs.

Who should take the classes?

If you are ordered to take anger classes by court, or by your employer you should take a class.

If you find yourself having a lot of problems with other people and you think you can benefit from being able to communicate better our classes are for you. You will improve in listening, judgment, managing your expectations, empathy skills and more.

Is there any difference between individual counseling and Anger Management Classes?

The big difference between them is the class unless it is an online class it is done in a group setting.

Individual counseling takes place one on one. You will have a personal coach guide you through the lessons you need to learn.

Can an Anger Management Class be taken in different ways?

There are individual coaching classes, home study courses, group classes, and online study courses.

What are online courses like?

The online courses cover the same content as the group class, but it is completely online in our online classroom.

Can I expect that Anger Management Classes are going to help me?

Anger management classes have helped 96% of the people who have used them in the past, so you can expect that they will help you also.

All you need to bring is a good reason why you want to change. The people who came to the classes with a reason to change have been successful in making changes.

The methods we use have been tested with experience and evidence from the past.

How do I find out if I have an "Anger Problem?"

The answer to this question can be lengthy and while there are many answers, I will say look to see if your anger leaves you feeling distressed in your body or your mind.

When you get angry, do you get nauseas, out of breath, dizzy or start to sweat? Do you feel guilty, anxious, ashamed or depressed? Are you angry for periods of time that you think are too long? Do you have relationship problems because of anger? Are you angry too frequently? Do you lose control of yourself when you get mad?

If you answer yes to many of those questions, then yes you can use some help with managing your anger.

How does anger affect your health?

Uncontrolled anger is bad for your health. There are links to anger and heart disease. Anger is thought to be a leading player in heart attacks in men under the age of 55 years.

Anger has also led to people having strokes too.

How much do anger management classes cost?

Anger management classes do not cost a lot. You are looking at a range of $35 - $195 per class.

About the Author:
Broyde McDonald writes so that you can succeed quickly in your anger management goals. Find out more about anger management classes and also how to take control of your anger with his popular free anger management guide.

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