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An Explanation Of Google PR

An Explanation Of Google PR


An Explanation Of Google PR

by Jorjeo Iveniscovich

It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that what you need to get your site high in the rankings of search engines is lots of links pointing at your site. Links have different values however, some are worth more than others. You could rank higher than a site with 20,000 links pointing at it with just 3000 links pointing at your site if all your links were of a better quality.

There are many things that affect how much a given link is worth but the main one that holds the most weight is the Page Rank or PR that Google has assigned the page you're receiving the link from.

Every page that Google can see will receive a Page Rank (PR) from 0-10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. This will not happen immediately because PR is only reviewed once every 6 months or so. Achieving a PR of 10 is almost impossible unless you have a very large, very popular corporate website, like apple.com, but even that is only a PR 9. Some pages have a PR of n/a and this can mean several things, one that the page is younger than 6 months and Google hasn't ranked it yet, or because its an unimportant page deep in a site, or because Google has detected something it doesn't like on that site and blacklisted it.

So what benefits does a high PR present? Well, if you can get a link from a PR 6, 7 or even 8 site, then that will have a much bigger effect of your sites results ranking than a link from a PR 1 or 2 site. PR is basically, how valuable, important, up to date and genuine Google thinks the content of a page is and links basically count as votes to say that a site is worth visiting. So if you've got a PR8 site telling Google that your site is worth visiting (i.e. linking to you) then Google will start to favour your site much more.

PR is sometimes misunderstood by webmasters in that they believe that if they have a higher PR, they will rank better in the search engines. This is not true, but a high PR will give you a MUCH better basis for climbing the rankings. Once you start accumulating some reasonably good PR, you will find that lots of people want to get links from you. This will allow you to ask for higher quality links back as the link you will be giving them will be of a high quality.

There is almost a catch 22 situation when you first start trying to get your site some PR in that the main thing you need in order to acquire a good PR is quality links. The problem with this is that before you have any PR, people are going to be unwilling to give you a quality link because you wont be able to offer them one back. There is a way around this, but it takes time.

A good method to start off with is to find some sites that are in the same position as yourself (with related themes to yours if possible, but I wouldn't worry too much about that) i.e. they are looking to build some PR by getting lots of links, and exchange links with these sites. Then (provided these sites have kept their efforts up) in 6 months to a years time, these sites will have some PR, and will still be linking to you, therefore you will have some PR by then, making these initial link exchanges mutually beneficial.

There are several other criteria that Google considers when scoring you PR but nobody knows exactly what they are because this is part of what Google keeps a secret. But we do know that Google gives priority to sites that are updated regularly with new content over sites that are left for a long time.

The reason for this is that if the content on a site stays the same for a year, then Google sees it as old information that isn't necessarily relevant any more. Google wants to provide its searchers with the best, most relevant and up to date information as to what they are looking for. If you always bear this in mind then you should end up with a high PR site.

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