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An Array Of Basic Film Summaries

An Array Of Basic Film Summaries


An Array Of Basic Film Summaries

by Bruce Farrell

The following paragraphs contain some nice movie reviews. You can get to a good film download site through the search engines. You should have good luck with a search like "film Downloads"; if not then try "Best Movie Download Site" and "Download Tv Shows".

Lilya 4-ever: Evident although stinging account of an teenage gal (Akinshina) who lives in what once was the Soviet Union and yeams to go to Arnerica, however is relinquished and neglected by everyone around her, commencing with her mommy. Of the numerous films that have concentrated on damaged kids, few are as jittery or as memorable. Cast includes Oksana Akinshina, Artiom Bogucharskij, Elina Benenson, Lilia SinkaIjova, and Pavel PonomaIjov. (109 minutes, 2002)

The Bellboy: Entertaining succession of blackouts with Jerry as a bellboy at Fontainebleau in Miami Shore. No structure although a lot of ludicrous gags. Milton Berle and Walter Winchell have visitor appearances. This was JerryLewis's directorial debut. Cast includes Jerry Lewis, Alex Gerry, Bob Clayton, and Sonny Sands. (120 minutes, 1960)

One Woman or Two: Paleontologist Depardieu finds the fossil thought to be of the first Frenchwoman. Crass advert exec Weaver is planning on capitalizing on this to sell fragrance. Cast includes Gerard Depardieu, Sigourney Weaver, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Michel Aurnont, and Zabou. (97 minutes, 1985)

The Music Man: Peerless Preston reprises his Broadway role as a terrific sales associate con guy Prof. Harold Hil who captivates Iowa town with visions of uniformed marching band. Cast includes Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Friend Hackett, Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford, Pert Kelton, and Ronny Howard. (151 minutes, 1962)

Ali Fear Eats the Soul: Widow Mira, in her 60s, falls in love with and weds an Arab 30 years her junior. The work is a fascinating, calmly powerful Fassbinder film that is a redo of Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows. Cast includes Brigitte Mira, EI Hedi Ben Salem, Barbara Valentin, Irm Hermann, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. (94 minutes, 1974)

Seminole: Adept cast in uncommon drama in reference to sincere cavalry lieutenant Hudson trying to help Indian tribe's attempts to prevail free of white man's law. Cast includes Rock Hudson, Barbara Hale, Anthony Quinn, Richard Carlson, Hugh O'Brian, Russell Johnson, Lee Marvin, and James Best. (87 minutes, 1953)

Sidewalks of New York: A light hearted comedy in regards to lhe romantic entanglements of a group of New Yorkers. The film has an unmistakable Woody Allen-ish feel, although Burns' script is no match for Allen. Cast includes Edward Bums, Rosario Dawson, Heather Graham, Stanley Tucci, David Krumholtz, Dennis Farina, Brittany Murphy, Callie Thome, and Aida Turturro. (107 minutes, 2001)

I Wake Up Screaming: Amusing whodunit with Grable and Mature accused in the death of Betty's sis, chased by decided cop Cregar. The film ends with an excellent twist. Cast includes Betty Grable, Victor Mature, Carole Landis, Laird Cregar, William Gargan, Alan Mowbray, Allyn Joslyn, and Elisha Cook. (82 minutes, 1941)

Jack Frost: A neglectful dad dies in an automobile mishap and comes to life one year later as a snowman in his child's front yard! Nice, likable acting and an absence of violence make this an alright family film. However, it on no account conquers its quintessential issue, an extremely weird premise. Cast includes Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston, Mark Addy, Joseph Cross, Henry Rollins, and Dweezil Zappa. (95 minutes, 1998)

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