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An Additional Five Top Buildings in St. Louis

An Additional Five Top Buildings in St. Louis


An Additional Five Top Buildings in St. Louis

by Mark Bradley

If you've already been to the top 5 buildings in St. Louis, like the Old Post Office the Arch, and the Old Courthouse. There's even more to see! Below are an additional 5 eye-catching buildings in St. Louis that you must see.

1. Milles Fountain

The Milles fountain is located on 20th street between Market and Chestnut. It is a site that you simply can't miss when you're visiting St. Louis. Its sculptor was Carl Milles, and it was constructed in 1949.

This enchanting fountain sculpture sits across from Union Station. It is symbolic of the Mississippi reaching out to the Missouri. A large number of bronze figures frolic in happy bliss inside the waters, and people like to hang around the spectacular fountain during the day.

2. The St. Louis Union Station

Once you're at the fountain, the St. Louis Union Station is just a hop skip away. It is located on Market Street between 18th and 20th streets. The architect for the Station was Theodore Link, and it was built in 1894. It is designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, with touches of the French Renaissance era.

3. Wainwright Tomb in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis

The Tomb is located at 4947 W. Florissant Blvd. This striking tomb sits within the historic Bellefontaine Cemetery. Its architect was Louis Sullivan who also completed the downtown Wainwright building. The tomb was commissioned by Ellis Wainwright, for his young wife and is known as the Taj Mahal of the cemetery.

4. St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis

The St. Louis Public Library is located on Olive Street between 13 and 14th streets. It was designed by Architect Cass Gilbert who also designed the Supreme Court building in Washington. The library building stands as a perfect example of the academic tradition of Paris and a great example of historic buildings located in St. Louis.

5. The Spanish Mission Revival Building, St. Louis

A personal favorite of mine, this beautiful building was built by Thomas P. Barnett in the famous Spanish Mission Revival style with touches of Art Deco Influence. The building sits in Grand Center, and is considered to be one of the most unique buildings in the neighborhoods of St. Louis.

As the son of famous architect George Barnett, Thomas P. Barnett was able to carry on the same traits as father as witnessed in same elegance, style, and talent that the Spanish Mission contains.

About the Author:
Art Deco and Spanish Mission Style Architecture is part of some of the classic buildings of Missouri. To download the original plans of the Thomas P Barnett Historic Building or go here to find out more about St Louis Commercial Real Estate For Sale

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