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Amazon's 60% Share Of The E-Book Reader Market Is Well Deserved

Amazon's 60% Share Of The E-Book Reader Market Is Well Deserved


Amazon's 60% Share Of The E-Book Reader Market Is Well Deserved

by Amy Kindahearn

For Amazon, the Kindle e-book reader is, quite demonstrably, the ideal product. The company's strong links with both books and electronics means that the Kindle reader slots in perfectly to its business model and public image.

E-book readers in general, and the Kindle especially, were the trendy "must have" personal electronic device of the year during 2009. Sales look set to continue to grow during 2010. The market is still new, and is changing and developing at a frantic pace.

At the moment, the Kindle is the leader of the pack. It currently has a 60% share of the U.S. e-book reader market. Sony is in second place with a creditable 35% share. There are a whole host of competitors who have now developed their own e-book readers in order to get a piece of the action in what looks like being a large and profitable market.

In a way, it's a back-handed compliment to Amazon that almost every new e-book reader that shows any promise is instantly given the title of the "Kindle Killer". However, bearing in mind that the Kindle is now Amazon's number one selling product, you can be sure that Amazon will be fighting tooth and nail to see off challengers for the top slot.

Amazon has responded to the increased competition by dropping the price of the Kindle 2.0 from its $ 359 launch level to $ 259. The price of the Kindle DX remains, for the moment at least, unchanged. There have also been firmware updates, including the addition of pdf support and extended battery life, among others.

Amazon is now shipping both the Kindle 2.0 and the larger DX to over 100 countries worldwide. Amazon could, in all probability, sell Kindles as fast as it can make them in the U.S. market alone. However, the establishment of an international Kindle presence is a good business decision for Amazon in the medium to long term.

Over and above developing the Kindle itself and expanding into new markets, Amazon continues to increase the choice of Kindle books available on its Kindle store. There are currently over 400,000 titles available - and this number is growing at an average rate of 500 each and every day. So, whilst there are a huge number of manufacturers frantically developing e-book readers in order to break into the market, Amazon probably has good reason to feel quietly confident. Rather than simply focusing on hardware development, Amazon is advancing on a broad front. They are developing the existing Kindle, tweaking prices, expanding their market, increasing the choice of available books and generally capitalising on their market leadership position. Whenever they decide to release the Kindle 4 - expect to see it sometime in 2010 - they will simply consolidate their leadership position even further.

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