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Amazon Kindle or Sony PRS Series Ereader

Amazon Kindle or Sony PRS Series Ereader


Amazon Kindle or Sony PRS Series Ereader?

by Sarah Brook

While few months ago the future of the eReaders was uncertain, today we can say that the eReaders are here to stay.

Amazon Kindle 2 has is currently dominating the market, but many other manufacturers are very close behind. The Sony PRS series is the closest runner-up. This reality in mind, many have sent me emails asking which model they should get.

The devices are doing their thing well enough, and I have heard good things about both of the choices. However, there are differences that would influence you decision.

The Kindle is a natural choice for many potential users. With its wireless connectivity and the huge arsenal of books, newspapers, magazines and blogs, the choice has already been made in the minds of many.

One should be aware, though, of the conversion required to view PDF files on the Amazon Kindle. With not so perfect results, many students and business professionals should think again before ordering the Kindle.

The reality is that most of the academic materials are available in PDF format. And, the fact is that Kindle's conversion algorithm often makes documents display in an awkward way, often having alignment problems. The same is applicable to business documents.

The Sony PRS series ereaders, on the other hand, offer a native PDF support, making them a natural choice for those who consume PDF files. Although reviews say that the Sony ereaders are a little more difficult to master and the lack of wireless connectivity makes the experience a bit different than with Amazon's Kindle.

But, business professionals and students are supposed to have computers and internet connections available to them anyways, right?

In conclusion:

If you happen to be a newspaper person and read lots of magazines, you would love the Kindle with its way of delivering fresh papers every morning. You will also most certainly like the easy purchase experience that the Kindle offers.

However, if your main content is going to be in PDF format, go for the Sony. True, you're bound to your computer, but being able to read PDFs as-is is a huge plus.

About the Author:
Visit me at my eReader Project site: Top eReaders for more eReader reviews and the best prices on the market.

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