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Amazing to Behold -- Jingle Trucks

Amazing to Behold -- Jingle Trucks


Amazing to Behold -- Jingle Trucks

by Sam Shaw

The utilization of motor vehicles to express yourself is not really a new concept. You will find that it is practiced all over the world in many places.

There have been many types of vehicles used for artistic expression in North America, but the practice has spread to other countries and continents including several Asian Countries. They came up with their own forms of art. A lot of the times you will see such works of art within nations that are experiencing some sort of conflict, or even war that has torn their country to shreds. This may be the reason for the existence of these works of art. They are known as Jingle Trucks because of the chains that hang off of them creating a sort of jingling sound.

These trucks may be located frequently in countries such as India and Afghanistan. They are very colorful and highly decorated, and you can find them just about anywhere in these places. You will find beautiful works of art on these Jingle Trucks. In some cases, you may find entire tapestries painted on the side of these vehicles depicting many different scenes -- making them really worth seeing.

It is amazing when you have an opportunity to see the intricate detail and design that is associated with these trucks.

Perhaps one of the most amazing facets of the jingle truck is the fact that it is virtually the only colorful thing in sight when in a place like Afghanistan. The land there is rather drab in appearance and there is little bright color to be seen anywhere. The pictures on the jingle trucks often depict rushing waters and lavish green grass. The colors are always so bold and bright. These trucks have a way of drawing every eye because they are the most colourful and artistic things to be found just about everywhere.

It is often believed that these artists are portraying their hopes and dreams of a great future in which everyone can get along and live in peace -- although this is only an unofficial explanation.

In most cases the jingle trucks will display a type of paradise, being a form of Utopia wherein all can live in peace and get along regardless of race, color, or religion. Normally there are beautiful grasslands and beauty that are associated with a peaceful world. When one sees them, the first thing that they will think of is hope. If you have never had the opportunity to lay eyes on a jingle truck, then you should definitely give it a try -- there are so many places in which you can find images of them.

As far as the history of the jingle trucks goes, there is not much material available. If you go to Afghanistan one day, you may get the opportunity to inquire as to their origins, although this is not a promise.

There is something about art on wheels that is not quite like anything else. It has the ability to constantly be on the go, to attract the attention of everyone around. It is possible to get small, toy size versions of a jingle truck.

An online search may be beneficial in finding a place that sells them. Jingle trucks are a special category of art all their own.

Get acquainted with these fabulous pieces of art.

About the Author:
Are you ready to express yourself with an art car? Study some car art posters to come up with something a bit nicer than a jingle truck and youll be well on your way!

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