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Alternative Electricity Sources That You Can Use

Alternative Electricity Sources That You Can Use


Alternative Electricity Sources That You Can Use

by Denzil De Vries

Most electricity is generated from burning fossil fuels but there are alternative electricity sources available. The most popular electricity source is from burning coal, 50% or electricity production, the nuclear power, 20% production, natural gas, 18% production, hydroelectric, 6.5% production, petroleum, 3% productions and renewable energy source, 2.3% production. So of all of the energy produced only 85% comes from water, biomass, solar energy, geothermal power and wind power.

Electricity can be generated by many different methods with the most common method using a magnet moving around a conductor. You can touch two different conductors together, put two different conductors in salt water, and shine a light on two different conductors. Almost all types of electricity involve spinning a copper wire between magnets. In order to start getting the copper wire spinning with electricity energy needs to be added and this comes typically form burning fossil fuels like coal, gas and petroleum.

Wind power is one of the best forms of renewable energy but one of the least utilized. This is a pity as most of the United States electricity needs could be meet by wind power alone though the knowledge of the effectiveness of wind power is growing. Wind power is the most environmentally friendly electricity sources and is the most efficient of any electricity production as it produces more electricity then for a small amount of wind power.

The collection of solar energy or photovoltaic's is another alternative electricity source. Solar energy is perhaps the most widely known source of renewable energy and research into solar production has grown steadily over the past decade. Home solar units can be installed to power your home and then any excess collected energy is then pumped back into the electricity grid.

Most solar energy users have found that after the equipment is installed they rarely, if ever, need to pay for electricity again. Unfortunately unlike in movies large-scale solar electricity conversion has proven to be very impractical. Similarly, start-up costs can be very high and most howmeowners may balk at the costs involved. However, there are a few government incentives available to assist with alternative energy conversions.

Electricity can also be produced from water falling over a dam as many dams have electricity stations at the bottom or further downstream. Hydroelectric power has been used for years and if you have a stream on your property you can even install a small hydroelectric generator to power your home.

A substitute to running generators on petroleum of other fossil fuels is to use biodiesel. Biodiesel is a fuel that is made from animal fats and vegetable oil. Biodiesel has been around for over 100 years, since 1895, but it has not been a popular form of fuel. Currently many tankers and trucks run on biodiesel though any vehicle can be converted to running on biodiesel.

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