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Alternative Electricity Sources For Now And The Future

Alternative Electricity Sources For Now And The Future


Alternative Electricity Sources For Now And The Future

by Denzil De Vries

There are many alternative electricity sources particularly as the effect of burning fossil fuels damages the environment. Currently in the US about 50% of all electricity is from coal, 20% from nuclear power, 18% from natural gas, 6.5% from hydroelectric, 3 from petroleum and the rest about 2.3% from renewable energy sources. In all about 8% of all electricity is from renewable energy sources such as geothermal power, biomass, solar energy and wind power.

Electricity is based around keeping a copper wire spinning between two magnets. The charge is what keeps the wire in motion and the copper wire is called the conductor. There are many ways to generate electricity you can but two magnets in salt water and the salt will act like a conductor, you can shine light on a conduct and that heat will be turned into energy or you can actually touch the two conductors directly and send a stream of electricity.

The most effective alternative energy source would be electricity produced from wind power. Currently wind power only produces a small amount of the world's electricity. It is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly form of electrical generation and the wind blows enough that the entire United States could run on wind power alone if the collection system was in place.

Solar power is transforming the sun's energy or into electricity. This is a well-known electricity source that has been made many advances in recent years. Home solar units and commercial solar energy are becoming much more popular with any excess collected energy being fed back into the electricity grid.

Most solar energy users have found that after the equipment is installed they rarely, if ever, need to pay for electricity again. Unfortunately unlike in movies large-scale solar electricity conversion has proven to be very impractical. Similarly, start-up costs can be very high and most howmeowners may balk at the costs involved. However, there are a few government incentives available to assist with alternative energy conversions.

Hydropower generates electricity from falling water, so most times when you see a dam you will also notice an electricity generator or station nearby. The falling water, pulled by gravity, turns turbines which then create electricity. The best example of this may be from Niagara Falls when a mouse caused a large black out by chewing through a wire. It is also possible to purchase small hydro electric generators if you have any running water on your property.

Biodiesel can be used as a substitution for petroleum and biodiesel is becoming more popular for trucks and tankers. Biodiesel is produced from animal fats and vegetable oils and was first used in 1895. Almost all vehicles can be converted to running on biodiesel, though your car may smell like French fries if you use straight vegetable oil!

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