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Altea a Tranquil Vacation Alternative

Altea a Tranquil Vacation Alternative


Altea a Tranquil Vacation Alternative

by Ray Walberg

The Costa Blanca area on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain is a hot spot for travelers to and from Europe. Ever since the concept of the Costa Blanca was developed by the British European Airlines as a way to spotlight this beautiful area and the airline's new flight from London to the Alicante Airport, the Costa Blanca region has been a successful player in the tourism game. Millions of people flock to the south of Spain from all over the world yearly, and particularly from Great Britain, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Altea is a city located to the north of the very popular tourist area of Benidorm and to the south of Denia. It is an historic city filled with blue mosaic tile domed churches, whitewashed houses and tranquil natural surroundings. It is a beautifully landscaped region, with quaint shops and restaurants, and peaceful beaches. The climate is also mild year round, thanks to the bordering mountains that block the northern winds and warm Mediterranean Sea breezes.

It is considered a well-placed village, very respectful of its natural environs. It is a getaway for many of Europe's so called elite traveling class, from the artists to celebrities and writers. These elites enjoy the old neighborhood surrounding the church with international and local cuisine served in the restaurants. Even the most modern part of the town located at the foot of the town's hill has been built with respect to a less modern age of architecture.

Altea is a pedestrian town. The streets are small and intricately laid out in fabulous mazes. The Mestre la Musica Street is a good starting point. It is a small stone street surrounded by stone houses and leads up to the entrance of the walled village. Mayor Street is where the church is located. The church, called the Church of the Virgen of the Consolation, was constructed in 1910 and is the center of all the cultural activity in the town.

The blue mosaic tiles on the dome of the church were all handpainted and the ornately decorated interior of the church gives it a very Mediterranean feel. There is a very bohemian-chic market filled with crafts from local artisans located here from Easter to September in the square. There are also a few remains of a castle that was once located here as well.

The public fish exchange on the docks in Altea also provide a source of free entertainment everyday around 6 o'clock in the evenings. At this time, the fishing boats come in and the local restaurant owners haggle with the fishermen in Valencian. Altean restaurants benefit from the weather as well, with many fresh ingredients available year round.

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