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Allergy and Asthma Sufferers - Is your Vacuum Bag Killing you

Allergy and Asthma Sufferers - Is your Vacuum Bag Killing you


Allergy and Asthma Sufferers - Is your Vacuum Bag Killing you?

by Kristina Brown

Imagine a vacuum cleaner bag tough enough to survive a high speed nail or screw impact, that can filter while containing the dirt and even self sealing instantly when it is time to be thrown out. Well amazingly there is such a vacuum bag and it is called the Miele HyClean Vacuum Bag.

Built-In Hygiene Shutter - One of the most amazing features of the Miele HyClean vacuum cleaner bag is the Hygiene Shutter. As soon as you take the bag out of the vacuum cleaner the Hygiene Shutter will close and will prevent any dirt from escaping the bag. It is completely hygienic and prevent the user from ever coming into contact with the dirt.

9-Layers for Filtration - Filters are not the only things helping Miele Vacuum Cleaners achieve their superb filtration rating. The HyClean bags the Miele vacuum cleaners bags help as well thanks to their 9-ply design. This design contains the dirt within the bag and at the same time traps particulates within is layers of randomly-spun fibers.

Safety Protector Netting - The Miele HyClean vacuum bag has a protective netting that protects vacuum bag breakage due to nails or screws. In fact to prove this Miele filled a HyClean vacuum bag to the brim with pounds of nails and not one penetrated the bag.

Bigger Bag Capacity - Sometimes vacuum cleaner bags do not fill up to their fullest ability. That is exactly why Miele put a flap on the inside of the vacuum bag which actually disperses the dirt throughout all four corners and crevices, using up more space and giving you a longer bag life.

Do the bags cost more than the Machine? - Believe it or not, Miele HyClean vacuum cleaner bags are very economical. A 4-pack of bags, which also comes with 2 filters, will cost the user only $18.95. Each pack lasts the average user around half a year.

Can it withstand screws from construction? Check. Can it handle that glass from the broken vase? Check. Does it do more that contain the dirt? Check. Does it contain the dirt even when changing a bag? Check. The Miele HyClean bag is truly an incredible vacuum bag that must be seen to believe. Purchase a Miele and why just how amazing the HyClean bag is for youself.

About the Author:
Want to see if your vacuum is causing you compromised wellbeing? We can offer answers such as the Miele Vacuum. Known for excellent engineering and superb construction the Miele Vacuum Cleaner, Miele can guide you to have a cleaner and healthier home.

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