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All Diets Work - No Diets Work

All Diets Work - No Diets Work


All Diets Work - No Diets Work

by James King

Stop dieting, start losing. I know that you have heard it all before but what should you really do? Stop riding the diet roller coaster and get on to the path towards permanent weight loss.

Have you lost weight in the past only to regain it a short time later? Have you followed every diet including Atkins, South Beach, the Drinking Man's diet, the Peanut Butter diet, or even the Chocolate Diet? All of these diets work, and none of them work, meaning you can and probably do lose weight on any of them, but you won't keep it off. Why not? Because the day will come when the diet is over and you're right back to your regular routine; the same routine that got you fat in the first place.

Diets used to carry warnings saying that you should not to stay on them longer than the prescribed time; this would normally be two weeks, or sometimes just three days. Today's on the other hand most diets are aiming to style themselves as lifestyle choices, but this doesn't working either. You need to be able to eat a sandwich now and again. You might want a burger and the bun from time to time! If you aim for a balance between foods you prefer, and you will have a much better chance of success.

Small Changes: Big Answer to Weight Loss Blues

If you start today, and just take one day at a time by making one or even two small changes like changing to the sugar-free soft drinks. Weaning yourself down to two or less a day. Changes don't have to be drastic. In fact trying to make drastic changes in your lifestyle never works because while you may be happy in the beginning, you slowly grow miserable toward the end. In fact, that's the problem right there: you anticipate an end.

It All About The Choices You Make

Talk to people who've lost weight and kept it off. They'll say, "This is a lifestyle." It's about choices you make every day. Are you choosing to take an extra helping, even though you're comfortably full? Change that one behavior and you're on your way. Do you choose to take the bag of chips to the couch? Change that, in fact just stop eating on the couch entirely and you're one step closer. Eliminate the habit of grabbing a few bites on your way past the candy dish, that alone can shave several pounds.

By choosing to change one small habit or behavior at a time and not your whole life you will stand a much better chance of losing weight.

About the Author:
James King is a personal trainer from California, he often gets asked if there are any training routines and diet plans that will help you lose weight and one of James' favorites has to be the Rapid Action Metabolism System form the famous Weight Loss Twins who season 4 of the Biggest Loser.

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