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All About Teacup Puppies

All About Teacup Puppies


All About Teacup Puppies

by Jenni Jackson

Teacup Yorkshire terriers are very tiny, weighing approximately five pounds at the most. There is quite a bit of information to know about them though if you are considering such a breed of dog as a pet.

Some individuals assume that this is a specific type of breed but it isn't. Instead teacup Yorkshire terrier breeders strive to mate very small dogs in order to keep the size to a minimum.

It is to your benefit to see both the mother and father so you can get a realistic idea of the full grown size your puppy will be.A Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy is going to be extremely small at the time when it is ready to leave its mother. You need to make sure you are well equipped to take care of it.

Many get injured due to falls or not being handled properly. Children and teacup yorkshire terriers aren't usually a good match a they may accidentally drop them.

Make sure you have a safe place for your yorkie puppy to sleep. You don't want it to get lost around your home or maybe even sat on.

There are some really nice beds and even small kennels you can use to keep it in if you want. Many individuals like to carry around their teacup Yorkshire terriers in a purse or other carrying capacity as a way to display it.

As with any Yorkie, your teacup may end up with a variety of health problems. You want to make sure this is something you are willing to take responsibility for.

Feeding your Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy the right combination of foods is vital to their health. Working with your veterinarian from the time you bring your puppy home will help to ensure everything thing he or she needs is provided.

Keep in mind that this breed of dog requires a great deal of attention. They love social interaction so you can't leave them by themselves all day long while you are at work.

They will end up becoming physically and mentally ill because of it. Many of them refuse to eat and they can whine continually when you are in the vicinity but not paying much attention to them.

Having a teacup puppies can be very similar to having a very young child to care for.

You also need to be prepared for some challenges when it comes to potty training your new pet. If you become easily frustrated this may not be a good match for you.

They are among the most difficult breeds of dogs to potty train successfully. Yet if you are dedicated to the efforts and consistent then it will eventually fall into place.

Don't forget about the grooming this will need to do several times per week for your yorkshire teacup puppy. Otherwise their fur will become matted and difficult to care for. It will also hinder their overall appearance.

Teacup Yorkshire terriers are certainly popular, but before you buy one you need to make sure you will want it once the novelty has worn off. These puppies often sale for between $1,000 and $2,000 so they come with quite an investment in them.

Yet if you really love this size and breed of dog then your rewards will be plenty. They will surely justify any amount of money you spend in order to make one of them yours.

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