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All About Ringing In The Ears

All About Ringing In The Ears


All About Ringing In The Ears

by Aidan Ashcroft

Have you ever experienced a long buzzing or loud ringing sound in your ears, whose source you could not find no matter how much you searched? If the answer to this is yes and you have experienced similar ringing sounds while being situated in different places then most likely you are affected with a medical condition known as Tinnitus. This article is going to help you understand about ringing sounds in the ears and how these sounds can affect you.

The Inner Workings of the Inner Ear

How the ear actually works is the first step to understanding what causes ringing in the ears. Your ear is extremely intricate and complex, and has fine-tuned sensors capable of picking up sound. Sound waves from sources enter your ear and go to the inner ear. Inside this inner ear there is an organ that looks like a shell, called the cochlea; this shell is filled with tiny hair-like cells. When the wave enters the cochlea, it vibrates the hairs inside, which transmits neural signals to the brain. Hence, you have sound.

The Causes of Ringing in the Ears

Damage to these hair strands is the primary cause of ringing in the ears. Loud music typically is what causes this damage. Heavy construction or industrial work was what caused tinnitus in older generations, but today it's generated by mp3 players, iPods, and other music devices. Loud noises cause short-term ringing in the ears for everyone out there, but when this nuisance continues over a long period of time, it then becomes serious. The excessive noise that results in ringing in the ears eventually causes permanent damage if left unchecked.

Other common reasons that cause a loud ringing sound in the ear include medical conditions such as sinus infections or ear infections. When a person has fever, cold or cough he can also experience ringing sounds in the ear because each of our senses are connected and when one sense is not well, then the others are affected. Prolonged stress can cause the body to act different and prolonged stress can also cause these ringing sounds.

Hearing a ringing sound in the ear is a serious problem if it happens frequently. It is important to visit a physician in order to get your inner ear checked if you are facing this situation.

About the Author:
Aidan Ashcroft is an ex sufferer of tinnitus who now dedicates his time to helping others cure tinnitus. Find out how to stop ringing in the ears today by reading Aidan's revealing Banish Tinnitus Review.

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