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All About Ribbons in Farmville

All About Ribbons in Farmville


All About Ribbons in Farmville

by Bob Greene

Gaining levels and XP is certainly the obvious way to chart your progress in the popular online FarmVille game. But it's not the only way to track all of your accomplishments in the game. FarmVille ribbons provide an entertaining and sometimes off-beat way to earn achievements and get some additional coins, XP and gifts along the way. Ribbons are available in a multitude of categories, ranging from the simple (you can earn ribbons for planting crops) to the obscure (having cats on your farm and brushing them gets you a ribbon!)

Currently, there are over 25 different ribbon categories and each category allows you to earn four different colors of ribbons: yellow, white, red and blue. The colors get progressively harder to earn within each category. For instance, the Cream of the Crop Yellow ribbon, which you earn for harvesting crops, is won after harvesting just 30 crops in the game. But the white ribbon requires you to harvest 1,000 crops. And the blue ribbon for Cream of the Crop requires a whopping 50,000 harvested crops to earn.

Although some of the ribbons are really just intended to give you additional goals in the game to pursue, you can utilize some of them very strategically in the game to quickly earn significant XP and coins. Early on, ribbons can help you progress through your FarmVille levels very quickly.

You can choose from a lot of different ribbon earning strategies in the game. Two of the best ribbons to aim for early on in Farmville are the Local Celebrity and Good Samaritan ribbons. These ribbons give you rewards for adding neighbors and helping them out. You can earn quite a few coins and XP early on by adding friends and neighbors in Farmville. For example, if you add eight neighbors and help on their farms three times each, you'll earn both the white Local Celebrity ribbon and the yellow Good Samaritan ribbon. The rewards from the combined ribbons are 55 XP and 3,500 coins. That's a very large number of coins so early in the game. And don't forget that the act of adding lots of neighbors helps out with more than just ribbons. It's an important part of the entire game.

Once you've earned some levels and accumulated coins in the game, you might want to go for the Architect Ribbons. These ribbons recognize your accomplishments in putting various buildings on your farm. For example, you'll get the yellow ribbon after you place just two buildings on your farm. But the blue ribbon requires 30 buildings. The problem is that most buildings are very expensive in Farmville, so the Blue Architect ribbon seems out of reach at first. Aha, but there's an often overlooked little structure known as the Rest Tent. This building only costs 1,000 coins. So even if you don't have any buildings on your farm yet, you can get all of the Architect Ribbons with just 30,000 coins. To do this, buy thirty rest tents at the market and place them all on your farm at once. Here's the nice part: even though you'll need to spend 30,000 coins, you'll get back 19,500 as rewards for the ribbons. You'll also earn 2,150 XP! This is one of the most cost-efficient ways to convert coins into XP in the game. Unfortunately, you can only do it once!

Of course, these are just some of the many strategies you can pursue with ribbons in Farmville. They're a fun diversion and you can get a lot of enjoyment from trying to earn as many different ribbons as you can.

About the Author:
When he's not tending to his real farm in rural Indiana, Bob likes to write about Farmville|Farmville cheats on his gaming blog.

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