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All About Nascar

All About Nascar


All About Nascar

by Miles Davis

Every few years a star rises, and one legend steps aside to make way. This often goes unnoticed in real life, but in NASCAR, this kind of pattern is highly visible, Richard petty won his last title in'79, Dale Earnhardt took his first the next year. Dale went on to win 6 more before passing on the prize to Jeff Gordon in'95, These three men are on the top of the list of all time Winston cup winners. Let's look at the men who single handedly sold NASCAR tickets to millions over the years.

Richard Petty

The legend is far out ahead of everyone when it comes to race victories, and is tied first for the most championship victories with Dale Earnhardt sr. Richard was the first driver to win 3 world titles and went on to amass 4 more in a career that lasted 35 years. He ended up with exactly 200 race victories from 1184 races, a record that is likely to stand for many more years to come.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Earnhardt is tied with Richard Petty for the most sprint cup wins at 7. His aggressive driving style gave him the nickname 'the intimidator' and 'ironhead' among many others. One of the biggest NASCAR tickets sellers, Dale won 76 races of the 677 that he drove in a career spanning 25 years. Sadly, the champion died on the race track in 2001, aged 49. Many believed he still had many racing years in him and could have gone on to break Petty's record. Unfortunately, that would never be found out.

David Gene Pearson

Pearson stands at second position on in terms of race victories in NASCAR, Behind Richard Petty at 105 wins. He popularly came to be known as the silver fox in his time and is best remembered for his many duels on the track with Petty. In a fourteen year period the two of them finished 1-2 on 63 different occasions, with Pearson outpacing his favored competitor 33 times. He won the sprint cup three times in his career and was inducted in the motor sports hall of fame in'90.

Jeff Gordon

A four time NASCAR sprint cup champion, Jeff showed a lot of promise from his first season in'93, at the end of which he was declared the rookie of the season. He defeated Earnhardt Sr. to win his first title in'95 and repeated the feat three more times, last of which came in 2001. Although Gordon has not won a championship ever since, he is till formidably present on the track, running in third position in the current championship.

Jimmie Johnson

Born in El Cajon, California, Jimmie Johnson began his driving career in 2001. His first race win came next year in NAPA Auto parts 500, California. It took him five more years before he could win his first sprint cup, but since then he has not relinquished the title. An interesting point is that he drives for a Jeff Gordon, a man whose record he is set to equal if he wins the NASCAR championship at the end of the season.

Thousands of people buy NASCAR tickets every season to watch the live action. The best part is that the 36 races allow people ample of time to get their hands on their precious NASCAR Tix, still many fans miss out. But this is here to stay, as its popularity has hardly waned in the 60 years. There are many more enthralling seasons to come and there are always going to be fans around to watch boys turn to men, and drivers turn into legends with passing years.

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