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All About Fire Safety Signs and Fire Safety

All About Fire Safety Signs and Fire Safety


All About Fire Safety Signs and Fire Safety

by Jason Samson

While fire safety is important to each and every one of us, some people take it for granted until disaster strikes. This is unfortunate and if the proper safety measures had been taken than most injuries and deaths stemming from fire could be prevented. The safety process begins when the building is being designed, built and inspected and continues to its everyday use when signs, procedures and preventative technology are all in place.

A fire safety sign is posted in a building's hallway or lobby to help protect everybody. There are many different types of fire safety signs, the most common of which is usually the fire exit sign. This is posted on doors that can lead to an exit from the building in times of a fire. The signs are constructed from special materials that reflect light even in a dim and smoky environment, making them easy to spot. Fire route signs basically need to have three different things. They need to have an arrow pointing people in the direction they need to go, they need to have a picture of a quickly moving person and they need to have additional text to help guide as necessary.

Fire equipment is also found in office and apartment buildings and should be made known by the use of signs. Types of equipment could include everything from a standard fire extinguisher to a fire hose and a fire ax. None of those pieces of equipment should be toyed with unless it is an emergency. Fire sprinkler systems also typically have signs, so that people know that they exist and realize where they are located. An additional type of fire safety sign is the fire assembly point sign. This is posted in a safe location where people can get to should there be a fire in another part of the building.

You will also need to be made aware of any additional hazards that a certain room or building may contain. For example, lots of chemicals can be a fire hazard as can a lot of wood being stored together, or bunches of electrical wires.

Also very important is that fire extinguishers themselves come with fire safety signs. The signs should be able to quickly show how a person can safely use one to combat a fire. The signs should also say which type of fires it can be used on, as the wrong mix of fire extinguisher and fire cause can lead to serious problems.

It's important that people learn how to use fire extinguishers and that they know when and where to use them. It's also important that fire safety signs are followed and taken seriously, and that employers and building managers alert everyone in their care about any specific procedures or exit routes in case of fire.

Learning about fire safety should begin as soon as you're old enough to be able to realize it and should continue for the rest of your life as a refresher and as an introduction to new trends, procedures and technologies.

About the Author:
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