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All About Blu-ray Technology

All About Blu-ray Technology


All About Blu-ray Technology

by Brian Engle

With the advent of high definition televisions, people like to make the most of their expensive pieces of technology. The Blu-ray disc makes that possible, since it plays graphics and sounds in stunning, crystal clear HD.

The Blu-ray Disc Association is responsible for creating the Blu-ray standard. It is comprised of almost two hundred mega-corporations, all of which have a stake in Blu-ray's success. They developed the format over a period of years before completing it in 2004.

The most important thing about the Blu-ray disc is its storage capacity. The amount of data a disc can hold establishes its capabilities, so the more you have, the better. A standard Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB of data.

The storage capacity of Blu-ray discs can be increased by adding more layers to the disc itself. Each layer adds 25MB of space, and as of now, only single and dual-layer discs exist, so the maximum capacity is 50GB. In the future, as many as eight layers could be installed in each disc, meaning the maximum capacity would reach two hundred gigabytes!

The reason Blu-ray discs are so much more capable than DVDs is because of the laser they utilize. DVDs are read by a red laser, but Blu-rays are decoded through a shorter blue laser.

The current standard speed for Blu-ray discs is known as 1x. As movies become more defined, rates can be increased to 10x or 12x, but that is difficult to reach due to limitations in hardware.

Blu-ray and DVD are two separate things, but there may be a way to combine them in a Blu-ray/DVD disc. That way, those who didn't have a Blu-ray or DVD player could still watch the movie. However, since DVD will eventually become obsolete any way, there may be no great purpose in pursuing this.

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