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Airsoft Guns: Not Just For Play

Airsoft Guns: Not Just For Play


Airsoft Guns: Not Just For Play

by Anthony Carter

Today we are almost constantly bombarded by television, movies and games that center around good and evil. It's quite common to see gun play in all these areas of entertainment. It's no surprise, therefore, that the idea of arming yourself with airsoft guns to engage in a friendly war game sounds appealing to more than a few people.

Airsoft guns are replicas of real guns, and they make use of plastic pellets as ammunition. They are designed so as to give realistic action, and most of them actually imitate the recoil action, or blowback, that one experiences when handling a real gun. Practically every gun out there has an airsoft version of it made. So there are airsoft pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, automatic and semiautomatic rifles and shotguns.

While airsoft guns are technically classified as toys, there needs to be some understanding of their working and the risks they pose. The pellets are made of plastic and travel much slower than real bullets, which is why they cannot penetrate the skin and cause any real harm. Weak spots in the body, however, are the eyes, which need to be protected by eye goggles during all times of play.

Japan was first to introduce the world to the concept of airsoft guns. Their novelty and popularity made them sell for quite high prices at first. Once they became more common and spread to other parts of the world, the prices went down quite a few notches.

Manufacturers began to realize how much people loved airsoft guns and began working on how to improve their shape, shooting accuracy and overall performance. The result is that airsoft guns now look and feel so similar to real ones that even veterans have trouble picking the two apart.

Police and Military: These are two of the government divisions that take advantage of how authentic these guns look. They can be used in real life situations to diffuse a problem, and in the training of law enforcement and military personnel. In some places, like Europe, some police officers aren't allowed to have guns. Instead, they can make use of airsoft guns to intimidate criminals in semi-dangerous situations and to apprehend them without causing them any lethal harm.

Film and theatre: The entertainment industry is what spawned the invention of airsoft guns, and now they are actually being used in that very same industry. Movies and plays are using these guns because they can easily pass for real guns. Instead of real ammunition, blanks are put into the guns and then shot just as if they were real ones.

Movie Industry: These guns are used in film and theatre because of how authentic they look. Seeing as it is hard enough to tell whether it is a real gun or not up close, directors know that it will be even harder to tell on screen or on stage. They are loaded with blanks and then shot as if they were real guns. Bruce Lee's son died on a film set after blanks were replaced with real ammunition, and this has caused much more vigilance to be observed in such instances.

Airsoft guns have gone from being intended as toys to becoming important in more important industries. No matter what they are being used for, however, the proper care must be taken when using them. Most countries need players to be of at least eighteen years of age to use them. You should always know the calibre of the gun, and how and where it should be used. Lastly, never ever forget the goggles.

About the Author:
Author Information: Anthoy Carter is very into the sport of airsoft and is very knowlegdeable about airsoft guns. Visit this website to find the best place to find airsoft guns.

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