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Airsoft Guns: New Technology Offers Fun Results

Airsoft Guns: New Technology Offers Fun Results


Airsoft Guns: New Technology Offers Fun Results

by Anthony Carter

Airsoft guns started out fairly simple. Manufacturers saw a need and they answered it. Years ago, in Japan, it was illegal for anyone to own a firearm. The airsoft gun was developed. It mocked military weapons in design, but they used ammunition that wasn't harmful.

The first airsoft guns were designed with a spring-powered, single-shot technology. Every time that you shot the gun, you would have to pull a bolt, lever, or other kind of mechanism to reload the chamber with more ammunition. This made the shooting process slow. You could not fire repeated rounds of ammunition; however, the advantage to this technology was that it was cheap and that it would always work. One does not have to rely upon an outside power source for the gun to work.

In time, manufacturers developed the electric-powered airsoft gun. They offered it in an automatic and a semi-automatic version. This gun was powered by an electric motor that operated off of batteries. Its disadvantage was the batteries. If the batteries died, the gun would not work; however, the automatic and semi-automatic options made this gun perfect for competition.

Automatic guns were the fastest. They only required you to depress the trigger once, and as long as you kept the pressure on it, it would continue to fire. One could shoot hundreds of rounds in a short period of time. This feature made this gun more suitable for competition.

The semi-automatic gun was comparable to the automatic; however, you had to continue to pull the trigger. Each time that you pulled the trigger, the gun would shoot. The faster that you could pull the trigger, the more rounds of ammunition that you could shoot. Once again, this also made this gun suitable for competition.

The automatic and the semi-automatic versions of the airsoft guns are more expensive to acquire; however, you became reliant upon the power source for the gun to operate. This gave the guns a disadvantage compared to the single-shot, spring-powered airsoft guns.

Nowadays, gas-powered technology has been introduced. This technology has given the gun enough pressure to shoot a farther distance. The distance factor makes this gun more suitable for competition, as well. One can also purchase gas-powered airsoft guns in both automatic and semi-automatic designs.

Airsoft guns can be purchased in both pistol and rifle models. You can expect to pay $50 and upwards for the airsoft technology. The safe design of the plastic BBs make this gun friendlier because the ammunition will not penetrate the skin; however, the guns are still considered to be dangerous. It is for this reason that the guns are not recommended for anyone under the age of 16. Manufacturers recommended that people age 16 and older operate the gun. They also recommend that everyone abide by the necessary safety precautions that are needed with this technology. As long as you follow the recommendations, you should have a safe, new toy to enjoy new recreational activities with. Be safe and have fun!

About the Author:
Author Information: Anthoy Carter is very into the sport of airsoft and knows alot about airsoft guns. Go to this website to find the best place to find airsoft guns.

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