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Airsoft Guns Look Just Like Their Real Counterparts

Airsoft Guns Look Just Like Their Real Counterparts


Airsoft Guns Look Just Like Their Real Counterparts

by Anthony Carter

Walk into any toy shop and will find an array of airsoft guns that looks just like real weapons. This super realistic aspect makes these weapons very popular with children as well as grown ups, and sales thereof have sky rocketed in the last few years.

The manufacturing of these weapons came about to satisfy gamers who use them for mock fights in super realistic conditions; conditions which mimic real life scenarios where people are shooting at each other. This adrenalin filled sport is growing in popularity all over the world. The firing mechanisms of these fakes differ from the real thing in that gun powder fires the bullets from real weapons.

Some of these airsoft guns use compressed air, some sort of gas or even springs to shoot the bullets. The velocity at which these bullets travel is determined by the way the gun works.

The most popular version of these guns use propane gas to fire them. A canister inside the gun must be filled with compressed propane in order to keep the weapon working. The propane gas has a unique smell to it once fired, and some players claim that this smells just like gun powder being fired.

To add to the realism of these airsoft guns, a smoking cap can be used which produces white smoke once the gun has been fired. Dedicated players of the sport use these visual clues to determine who fired the last shot.

When propane gas is released from a pressured container, this gas quadruples in volume within micro seconds. This raises the pressure in the barrel forcing the bullet out at incredible speeds. Guns with spring mechanisms do not have this sort of power and are selling less every day.

Bullets are stored in an array of magazines that fit into the gun just like the real thing. Old style airsoft guns need reloading after every shot it delivers but newer models can fire at the same rate as semi automatic weapons.

What makes these guns really dangerous is the fact that one can not distinguish between a real weapon and this toy without first picking it up. The difference in weight is a dead give away as the lighter materials used in manufacturing the toys weigh significantly less than real guns.

Criminals exploit this factor as they are using these fake guns in more armed robberies every day. Unfortunately no one can tell that they are being held up with a fake weapon, so people tend to handle such scenarios as the real deal.

These potentially dangerous copies are manufactured mainly in Japan. What bugs me is that the Japanese government realized the danger these weapons posed and banned people from using or even possessing such weapons. With their own protected, they have never thought about stopping exports.

Children playing with these fake guns may be at great risk as they are quite un aware of the firing power some of them have. Shots to the eyes from a close range will blind the victim. You should always supervise children playing with these toys.

Despite all the negativity, manufacturers can not make enough of these weapons as world wide demand is growing daily.

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