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Aion Kinah Guide - Secret Tips To Make Kinah In Aion Revealed

Aion Kinah Guide - Secret Tips To Make Kinah In Aion Revealed


Aion Kinah Guide - Secret Tips To Make Kinah In Aion Revealed

by Xander Halboom

Using an Aion Kinah guide to fatten your wallet, or in this case, your cube, is a very good idea. Such guides are useful to anyone, and especially to those who don't have much play time. I have used a Kinah guide for some time and am very happy with it, so happy that I thought about putting down three of the most important tips to make Kinah in Aion Online.

1. The most important thing anyone can do when going out to farm is to organize everything. After you have found an area that has plenty of mobs and preferably some resources as well, have a good look at that area and plan out a route to follow. Look at how the mobs are placed and also where the resources are and try to find a way to kill mobs and gather resources fluently, without running around doing nothing. This is one of the elements that make an Aion Kinah guide so effective.

2. Since more and more people have reached the level cap, the lower level zones and their items are being forgotten. Everyone is farming the end-game content to make some Kinah. That means that you will have a hard time getting such items and then have to lower your price everyday so that you can compete with the others. To avoid that, go back to the lower level areas and farm rare items and crafting resources. Sure you wont get so much money for an item, but you can get a lot of them and they will sell very fast, which in the big run will bring you more profit.

3. Another thing I've learned from the Aion Kinah guide I used is that it is very important how you equip your character. To be really efficient at it, you need to get as much damage output as possible disregarding your defenses. That means getting damage boosting gear and also Manastones and Godstones. You should get some extra HP only if your are planning on farming equal level mobs. You will see that having bigger damage will help you kill faster and for longer periods of time.

All though these tips might look simple, they are very effective. That's another thing I have learned from the Aion Kinah guide I use, that the easiest way is sometimes the best way. Since I've been using the Aion Kinah guide, I can afford to buy the best items I can, keep my cube filled with potions of any type and put the best manastones and godstones on my items.

About the Author:
To get all of that, I used this Aion Kinah Guide. I got it off this Aion Kinah Guide reviews page.

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