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Ah Sublime...

Ah Sublime...


Ah sublime...

by Mike Dosei

To escape from the reality of what we knew, we took a vacation to look for what was once lost - the scene of the coast rapidly approached - The Sunshine Coast.

Looking back at my youth, of all the years that passed since I was on the coast are gone and the time that was spent with family and friends, the memories were no match for what I could see before my eyes. In respect to the beautiful round glow in the sky, the pristine sandy beaches, and the people of all ages and interests that are enjoying the coast. Within the years that were spent on the coast, they all seem to be the distant memories until we go back.

One summer vacation my family, my brother included, took our vacation at Noosa that year. The time spent their seems to be long ago... but once I shut my eyes I can see each and every detail of what was once the place we stayed The Noosa.

One of the attractions at the Underwater World was Maddy, the seal. Of course the little children loved their time spent with Maddy and especially the big wet kiss that he gave. One of the times when I took my daughter and as to the delight of how close she was to the beautiful animals was an amazing moment to remember. Yes we did buy the picture (the price it didnt matter " it was well worth it), but most of all, the look on her face was priceless " definitely a keeper.

As for me, my brother and I were able to sneak in 18 at one of the regional golf courses. I guess it wouldnt be sneaking since we had so much fun the first time we opted to do it a second.

For my wife and sister-in-law, the girls had to quote them 'a fine time' wandering the local downtown and perusing the boutiques, purchasing several locally made souvenirs for the family back home.

We chose to stay at the Sheraton Noosa, it's rare to find a north beach - but they have it there, as such it is protected by the headland so it is great for swimming and surfing.

After enjoying a day of shopping the ladies enjoyed the spa treatments that the hotel offered; the children enjoyed the surfing and watching the dolphins off shore. The enormous pool was enjoyed by all, especially the children, many of whom may have left with gills.

Most days of course were spent relaxing at the beach, the pool, or the local shops and then most evenings were spent relaxing a cocktail watching the illustrious sunset on the beautiful Noosa River, a wonderful ending to many lovely days.

To sum up our vacation: * Sunshine * Golf * Shopping * Surfing * Spa treatments * Family interaction

With the wind in the distance, the diminishing rays of sun, and the essence of suntan lotion, I think for the first time I can honestly say that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, which is not an easy task for my family.

When you are in need of a vacation whether for or a few hours or a couple days with the family just drive your car, and then head down to the Sunshine Coast, "The ultimate place to share with your friends and family".

About the Author:
Well known Australian, Johny Petrucci has made quite a name for himself as an accomplished travel writer. His creative style displays an honesty rarely seen, especially when he writes about his many trips Australian. To find information on Sunshine Coast he visits sites such as sunshinecoastinformation.com.au.

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