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Affordable Family Health Insurance Choices

Affordable Family Health Insurance Choices


Affordable Family Health Insurance Choices

by Clarissa Winegarten

Family medical insurance is a necessity for every family, due to the sky high medical expenditure every year. Due to the stressful lives of the present population, the pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, everyone is in need of medical attention at some point of their lives. Having a medical insurance plan for you and your family saves a lot of trouble during medical emergencies.

Family medical insurance is an insurance plan which benefits the whole family and takes care of their health needs. There are many types of medical insurance family plans to suit your preferences. The most common under managed care programs are HMO and PPO.

The HMO - Health Maintenance Organization. The insurance company has an arrangement with a list of medical care providers. With HMO you have the option to choose one provider from the list of providers. The disadvantage of this plan is that you should seek treatment and consultation from the mentioned provider only, if you seek treatment from any other physician or in case of emergencies, then you will not be covered unless you are personally referred to by the HMO physician himself. This plan does not include treatment from specialists unless referred by the PCP (Primary Care Provider). This insurance option costs less when compared to other options.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): This insurance plan is more flexible than the HMO, as it allows you to consult any doctor within a network of health care providers. It is not limited to only one PCP (Primary Care Physician) within the network, but any physician within the network, including the specialists if any. The cost of the insurance plan is higher than when compared to the HMO plan. Members of the PPO plan may go to medical professionals who are outside the network, but they'd have to bear a part of the cost.

There are numerous options one can avail within these basic insurance plans; there is also is another plan named the point-of-service (POS) which is basically a combination of the other two plans, namely the HMO and the PPO.

It is best to do your research on the different options offered by different companies and choose most suited to you.

About the Author:
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