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Affordable Destination Weddings

Affordable Destination Weddings


Affordable Destination Weddings

by Randolph Quan

Even if you've dreamed about getting married in a place far, far away your entire life, that doesn't mean that you have the funds to actually pull it off the way you want it.

The truth is, a destination wedding can be much more affordable for the bride and groom - it's their guests that have to shell out the extra cost. But even then, an affordable destination wedding can be done for everyone if you make the right choices.

First, plan well in advance. This gives both you and your guests time to shop around for the best rates on airfare. If you're set on a certain destination - Jamaica, let's say, or any other destination that only has one major airport - then let everyone know the place and the dates so airfare can be booked right away. Some airlines will offer discounted rates on big groups of people, so you might be able to cash in on that for your immediate family members - or the entire group, depending on how many people are going.

Second, shop around. Don't be afraid to negotiate with hotels for any extras, such as upgrades. These are troubled times, and the hotel industry is feeling it just as much as anyone else. That means they're willing to give you a little extra incentive to book your gala there.

In conjunction with the second tip, make sure you are getting a discount of some sort. Automatically, a hotel or resort should offer a discount for booking a large group.

Fourth, make your affordable destination wedding also affordable for your guests by keeping them in mind when choosing the location. If you couldn't afford to go there on vacation, then your guests probably can't either - after all, while you've been saving up for and dreaming about this day for years, most of them probably haven't.

If you do go for a little bit more expensive destination, make clear to your guests that their presence is the only gift necessary. This isn't the time to be greedy.

Fifth, as with any other wedding, an affordable destination wedding will be cheaper when it's smaller. Cut the guest list, if you have to. The good thing about destination weddings is that they typically only include people who would do anything to see you get married, so it makes the reception less expensive.

Destination weddings (and all weddings in general) are only as expensive as you want them to be. By limiting things a little, you can have the affordable destination wedding of your dreams.

About the Author:
Randolph Quan promotes a wedding photography blog, and advises people on wedding venues London at his website.

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