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Affiliate Marketing Display Ads Basic Issues

Affiliate Marketing Display Ads Basic Issues


Affiliate Marketing: Display Ads Basic Issues

by Jeff Goyen

The key to a lot of affiliate marketing programs is the display ad. This can vary from a rather mangy classified to a glitzy, noisy, intrusive major production. Quality of display ads is a major issue in any form of marketing, and you need to form an opinion of how useful these things are to your business, and whether they help or hinder your site.

The basic text box type is no frills, and usually easy to run, provided nobodys been helpful enough to include an impossible font or some other nuisance. These are relatively low impact ads, best suited where theyre relevant to the website. Theyre not great grabbers, and as affiliate marketing material they can be low grade performers. You can have pages of these things, and if theyre not delivering hits, theyre a liability, not an asset. They do better with good copy, and worse with the low level Something R Us and link approach.

The graphic- oriented ads are much better at creating profile and presence for an affiliate program. They have a higher visual impact, and are designed to be grabbers. They do attract attention, and are generally pretty trustworthy as basic ad content. The net is very much a visual medium, and people read web pages on visual priorities, which are the graphic ads strong suits. Color, contrast, and design are major attractants, even when the person isnt looking for the product.

The graphics ads are more in the mid range, and they do have some punch and presence on any site. The presentation is better, by far, than the classifieds, and they add color and definition, which is an attention getter. Content is sometimes good, and affiliates get better value out of these ads. That said, static graphics ads can become part of the furniture, and they take up space, and can require management to fit sites comfortably.

Generally speaking the actual multimedia ads are professionally done, so content is OK, but the management issues are also more complicated. When to run a multimedia ad, or whether to run it or have it as a passive link, for example, can be a decision and a half.

Some of these things are also very high impact. Theyre oversold, in fact. An affiliate multimedia ad that has to be clicked so you can see a page can be a pest, and turn off your audience. So youve got an important ad that is actually turning people away.

When deciding how and where to use your ads, you need a management tool that will keep things simple, and allow you maximum control. Nobody needs an ad that creates problems, or is difficult to run in a real time situation online.

This is where Niche N Easy is a good option. It can handle any ad. You have full operational control. You can handle layout, site functions and applications, easily.

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