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Affiliate Marketing Display Ads and Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Display Ads and Marketing


Affiliate Marketing Display Ads and Marketing

by Jeff Goyen

The key to a lot of affiliate marketing programs is the display ad. This can vary from a rather mangy classified to a glitzy, noisy, intrusive major production. Quality of display ads is a major issue in any form of marketing, and you need to form an opinion of how useful these things are to your business, and whether they help or hinder your site.

As attention getters, the text box type is the low end. Theyre basic, theyre simple, and theyre not real attention getters, unless relevant to the site audience. These ads are however good space users, and can operate effectively on any site, also taking care of the bald patches, in some cases. They can help maximize use of space.

Some people prefer not to clutter their sites, and these ads do have the advantage of being relatively good space users. As pure e-commerce ads, however, they leave a lot to be desired, and they often suffer in comparison to the higher profile, more graphic, ads. This is more about visibility than content. The graphics dont add information, just make them easier to see.

The net is in many ways a purely visual medium, and the presentation factor does matter. Their main problem is that they sometimes go stale, and if theyre not delivering for affiliates, they can become a problem, particularly if theyre looking dated.

The top end of the display ads market is the full multimedia, video ad, which is sometimes demanding to run, and can be intrusive, creating those annoying blockers where you have to click on the thing to shut it up, or just get through to the page.

Ad content is the main issue. An ad that gets productive attention is what affiliates want, not just some bit of baggage to stick on the site and hope it sells something. The best option is to base your choices of display ads on practical quality control.

This is where you start setting your own rules, enforcing quality control and creating your own standards. All display ads have some strengths and weaknesses, and if youre going to be committed to them, you need the tools to do the job.

This is where Niche N Easy is a good option. It can handle any ad. You have full operational control. You can handle layout, site functions and applications, easily.

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