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Advice on how to Successfully Selling your Horse or Pony

Advice on how to Successfully Selling your Horse or Pony


Advice on how to Successfully Selling your Horse or Pony

by Chris Robin Morris

Your choice for a new home for your companion will be a caring, stable home, regardless of why you have chosen to part with them. Word of mouth is an effective means of telling people that you have a horse for sale. If you know people who are horse lovers, you will definitely want to let them know of your intentions to sell your horse. Word will get around to other friends of horses who live nearby. Once word gets out, you may find that someone you know, either directly or indirectly, is seeking to buy a new horse. It is always comforting to know that your beloved pet is in the care of someone you know will offer a healthy home, which is a consequence of selling to someone you know.

The Equestrian Press is another superb source for disseminating information of your intent to sell. Ponies and horses of all types are listed in the classified sections of such equestrian magazines as; Horse & Hound in the UK, Horse Trader in New Zealand, and Horse & Rider in the USA. Online sites such as HorseQuest in the UK, Equine.Com in America, and Horse Deals in Australia, also now offer a resource to sell your horse.

When writing your advertisement, it is important not to exaggerate your pet's strengths or expected promise. Do not try to make your horse out to be an Olympic dressage champion if his true calling is something much more ordinary. It is important to choose the right market when attempting to sell your horse, or this can become a much more challenging, lengthened process. All significant information should be placed in your ad including your horse or pony's age, height, it's level of training, and the amount you are asking for. Bloodline specifics are generally relevant when your horse is of good breeding. A high quality picture of your petshowing detail is paramount.

Be sure to show your pet in the best light, when you have an interested buyer.

As if taking him or her to a show, always bathe and groom your horse thoroughly. It is important for your pet to be in pristine condition.

Present your horse in the stable or field so that the buyer will be able to observe your horse's behavior when caught and tacked up.

The next thing your prospective buyer will want to observe is a riding demonstration. This abbreviated ride should include allowing your horse to walk, trot, and canter. If your horse has the experience, showing several jumps is also appropriate.

It will also be helpful to demonstrate how your horse will behave when taken out into|handled out in the open, through the countryside and on roads.

Your buyer will most likely ask to take a short ride to see for themselves how the horse behaves.

It will probably be hard to finally let go of your beloved pet. Be sure that your goodbyes are said before the new owner arrives to pick up the horse and focus on the fact that your horse will be loved and cared for. In the event that you will be purchasing a new horse friend, you have many new experiences to look forward to.

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