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Advice for Relationship Issues - Is There Hope?

Advice for Relationship Issues - Is There Hope?


Advice for Relationship Issues - Is There Hope?

by Lynn Huber

When you are committed to someone, there will always be twists and turns in a relationship. Issues will always be a part of it - something that perhaps both of you may not necessarily agree together. There are minutes that you might think it right while your partner insists that it is completely wrong. Issues arise from the diversity of our thoughts and the uniqueness of our individualities, hence the misunderstanding and breaches that causes some flavor and spice altogether.

If you are just able to mix the sweet, spicy and bitter things in a relationship, then, it is going to be as palatable and pleasant, but it is easier said than done. It takes a mutual blending of thoughts and feelings, even principles and values.

There are issues that tend to become bloated an inflated when allowed or perhaps unresolved issues that were taken for granted. When you are fit to deal and discuss the issue in a relationship as early as possible, there won't be overblown problems that should have been dealt with in the beginning.


You need to open up and be transparent. Do not live in your own world. Reach out to your mate and try to lay down the cards. Show your wants and anticipations. When you have said yes to a relationship, you have agreed to be part of it no matter what. Your openness and transparency can be overpoweringly influential to your partner, making him/her open up to you too.


There might be clashes in your schedule and bonding time can be a problem. It is not the number of days that you can be together but the quality time that you pass with each other. When your schedules meet, always find time to do special errands for your partner like cooking a hearty breakfast or just plain watching movie together.


Always keep it fresh. Do not let the flame die down. Sometimes the daily routine can be boring and so can your relationship. Add spice by giving surprises, put in flavor by being extraordinarily sweet and caring.

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