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Advice For Choosing An Overhead Crane For Your Material Handling Workshop

Advice For Choosing An Overhead Crane For Your Material Handling Workshop


Advice For Choosing An Overhead Crane For Your Material Handling Workshop

by John Benson

Choosing a well designed, cost effective material handling solution is critical to streamlining workflow and maximizing manufacturing productivity. There are always multiple options in today's marketplace, but ceiling mounted workstation cranes are very common and popular. Generically called "overhead bridge cranes," these inexpensive ceiling mounted cranes are efficiently moved by the worker's own power. They have also have proven to be the ideal material handling solutions for many companies because they can streamline and maximize productivity at little additional cost.

Many manufacturing floors have limited work space. Overhead crane systems are a perfect solution for floors with little space because they can provide necessary coverage without the use of support columns, which can take up valuable floor space. Many ceiling mounted systems can also be linked together with a monorail or another crane that uses interlock sections, making them a welcome addition to any floor already performing efficiently.

Instead of requiring support columns, overhead crane systems are supported by the existing building structure. The first step in deciding if an overhead crane system is the right solution for your company is to consult with a qualified architect or engineer. Your building structure needs to be able to support the crane system, and these professionals are the right people to determine that.

There are several factors to consider when choosing an overhead crane for your workshop. The first point to consider is crane capacity. Most companies will want to avoid buying higher capacities than required because extra load weight leads to dead weight on the bridge, requiring more weight for the operator to move. Still, the force required to move a load is only one percent of the actual weight.

Three major points of consideration for companies considering an overhead crane solution are length, height, and width. The length of a crane runway is determined by the specific area requiring coverage, while height is measured from the floor to the point from which a hoist is suspended. The length of the bridge between the centers of two runways determines the width.

There are many different types of overhead cranes that fit the custom challenges of most manufacturing workshops, in addition to different sizes. Overhead cranes create easy, ergonomic movement for most operators if your company needs a crane solution for load transportation. Because they tend to operate more quickly, companies that have a fast paced working environment could find manual overhead cranes to be a better solution than motorized cranes.

Motorized systems can be used effectively if the application requires moving heavier loads in comparison to manual cranes. A motorized system should be considered for any manufacturing floor that requires its crane to transport 1000, 2000, or 4000 pound objects. The need for a motorized system also comes up when bridge travel across an inaccessible area is required.

Any manufacturing workshop that requires a cost effective solution for handling materials while saving precious workspace should definitely consider overhead cranes. Proper consultation and consideration should be done before making a purchase because there are many overhead crane options, however. The crane solution you select should truly be the best fit for your business needs.

About the Author:
About the Author: John Benson is a part time author who covers various facets of the manufacturing industry, such as advancements in the productivity and safety of overhead cranes. Workflow efficiency and productivity are just a few of the topics he covered as a former project manager. Discover more about overhead bridge cranes and Benson's various other article topics.

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