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Adventure Travel - Costa Rica Spring Break 2010

Adventure Travel - Costa Rica Spring Break 2010


Adventure Travel - Costa Rica Spring Break 2010

by Shonda Chavez

Spring break is a time that is anticipated by all college students. They spend all winter in classes, studying and hiding from the cold, anxiously waiting for the first sign of spring and the chance to enjoy spring break. This time of the year is typically a chance for college kids to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors. It is tradition to go hit a beach resort in Florida, or the Carolinas. Another great way to enjoy this escape the academia is to partake in an adventure spring break in Costa Rica.

This may sound expensive, but don't let it fool you. You will be surprised how affordable this location can be. You will also be delighted to find out just how much awaits your adventure. This Caribbean hide-away will certainly become a secret you will want to keep.

While the value of an adventure spring break in Costa Rica is something to be excited about, it is even more exciting to think that you have been let in on the is great secret. There is not the advertising done for this area as it is in places like Cancun. Consequently not nearly as many people do not know about the value and adventure that is available here, nor is it as commercial. This all adds up to great values in hotels and other accommodations.

Of course an adventure Costa Rica spring break would not be what it is if there were not several night life locations. These locations are not nearly as busy as the clubs in other destinations. The club scene during spring break is actually a pleasant experience with just the right amount of people to have a chance to meet someone of the opposite sex, without having to contend with 100 other guys.

This place is just popular enough with the college kids to provide some great opportunities to meet students from other schools all over the country, without being so busy that you feel like a can of sardines. It is the scene here that has attracted the college crowd but the idea that this place is expensive that has kept it from being overrun with spring breakers.

Costa Rica sits between Panama and Nicaragua in Central America. The terrain varies from gorgeous beaches to lush rainforests. The weather is ideal for enjoying the beaches or an adventure vacation. An adventure spring break in Costa Rica can be comprised of a variety of activates to keep your mind off your studies and on the luscious bodies of the other spring breakers.

The rainforest provides the opportunity for some incredible hiking. An adventure spring break here may involve climbing up a volcano or coming across one of the many varieties of animals that call the rain forest home. If this is not your idea of spring break then you can elect to spend all your time on the beaches.

Another way to enjoy and adventure in Costa Rica is to take a river adventure in a kayak or canoe. No matter what you decide to do while on spring break you are sure to forget everything you just spent the last semester studying. Don't worry it will all come back to you the minute you step back on campus. Also remember that in order to enter the country you will need a passport.

About the Author:
For those out there who are looking to enjoy a spring break, you should look into packages that include a Spring Break in Costa Rica. Adventure Spring Break is just what you need to get away from it all for a couple of days or a week.

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