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Advantages Of Visitor Care Insurance

Advantages Of Visitor Care Insurance


Advantages Of Visitor Care Insurance

by Ray Sondeo

Visitor Care Insurance is a beneficial and popular visitors insurance policy offering beneficial coverage. The premiums are affordable and individuals are covered while they travel outside their native country. Since senior citizens who are above 65 years old are also eligible for the policy, this visitor travel medical insurance plan is quite popular among parents visiting the US or international travelers.

This visitor health insurance plan can be purchased even by non US citizens who are planning for an overseas trip. The initial coverage period for individuals who have crossed 65 years should start within just 30 days of arrival in the country. Otherwise, the traveler should provide adequate proof of any other valid health insurance coverage. Individuals who are not in the US while applying should mention the expected arrival date clearly in enrollment form.

The Visitors Care Insurance covers pre-defined benefits for medical expenses that occur during the stay abroad. Some of the benefits offered by Visitor Care Insurance include hospitalization charges, prescription drug coverage, diagnostic tests, out-patient treatment, intensive care in the case of emergencies, dental injuries to sound natural teeth due to accidents during the stay abroad, doctor consultation, surgeries, private nursing care and local ambulance transport.

The insured individuals can reap best benefits by consulting any medical expert, hospital or clinic that are a part of the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network. This would entitle them treatments at discounted prices and also reduce the out-of-pocket costs during the course of treatment.

Coverage becomes effective when the completed application form along with the initial payment is received by the insurance provider. Otherwise, it would start on the date of departure of the individual from the native country or any specific preferred date mentioned in the application form while submitting.

The visitor health insurance policy would remain valid until the expiry date or till the insured returns back to the homeland. Otherwise, a preferred date till when the policy should be valid can be mentioned in the application form also.

Visitors Care travel health insurance policy offers three choices for the individuals with varying policy maximums. Individuals can purchase this medical insurance plan for a period as short as 5 days up to a maximum of 1 year during the initial purchase. Renewal of this travel medical insurance plan is allowed for a maximum of 2 years at a stretch.

Cancellation requests should be submitted before the effective start date of the Visitor Care insurance plan in order to get full refund. Otherwise, refunds would be given on a pro rated basis provided the insured has not filed for any claims under the medical insurance plan after deducting a nominal cancellation processing fee.

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