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Advantages of Solar Energy Make Them Yours

Advantages of Solar Energy Make Them Yours


Advantages of Solar Energy: Make Them Yours

by Jim Martin

Find out what the solar energy advantages are and how they can be transformed into your personal money savings.

Solar energy, as the name suggests, is derived from the sun (and not, the moon). The benefits of solar energy to mankind are manifold. Until recently, solar energy could be made use of only during the day. However, with the advent of new technologies, solar energy can now be tapped and used even during the night. Here, we will be looking at some of the major benefits of solar power.

Solar energy is, by nature, environmentally viable and non-polluting, and often considered to be the best among such energy sources. In particular, the eco-friendly nature of this source is expected to come to the fore in the future. The sun provides heat and light during the day; in addition, electricity can also be made available during the night, provided the solar power system is grid-tied, or has a battery-back. There are other benefits of solar power systems as well.

If some amounts of electricity generated in this process remain unutilized, it can be made saleable by moving them to the utility or the grid. No upfront payment is required for this transfer of surplus electric power, and some money can be made out of it. Running costs are extremely low on solar energy, helping the consumers drastically cut down on their expenses on electricity. With no movable parts, the solar panel itself does not have any other additional costs too. Thus, there are three major benefits of using solar energy for generating electricity: a) reducing the electric bills of consumers by large amounts, b) helping users earn some cash by selling surplus amounts of electricity, and c) the extremely eco-friendly nature of solar energy.

Solar power systems help in keeping the environmental balance of the world intact. Traditional fossil fuel based energy sources generally release gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), methane and nitrous oxide (NO) into the air. These gases, termed as greenhouse gases, contribute to global warming. Solar energy avoids the usage and release of these gases. Hence, it remains eco-friendly, and does not bring with it the risks of global warming. The harmful smog or acid rain, generated by the fossil fuel sources, is also not an issue when solar energy is used.

Solar power is advantageous, since the supply of raw material (i.e. sunlight) is abundant and renewable, and the solar energy stations can be set up independently as well. Other accessories of the system are also freely available. Solar power stations function noiselessly too - much to the convenience of users. These facilities, hence, make solar energy extremely popular for various purposes. The solar energy systems can be installed at all parts of the world as well. Solar power packages often come complete with battery banks, converters and control panels. Controllers are used to convert modules of power from solar panels to usage of battery. These systems, with their tough trailers, are often used by geologists, when they move in lands, hitherto unexplored, in search of oil and minerals.

In the present day world, the internal combustion engines, and in turn, vehicles that use those engines are facing a crisis. This is chiefly due to the amount of fossil fuel going down, and the rapid hike in oil prices. In this scenario, it is indeed advantageous to make use of solar power. Experiments with solar power based vehicles are on, and the markets have already seen the presence of hybrid cars. According to experts, fossil fuel driven cars would be effectively replaced by entirely replaced by solar power driven vehicles, that too within the foreseeable future. The latter would also prevent the release of the polluting carbon monoxide gas. That would definitely ensure a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.

Over time, the cost of using photovoltaic cells is going down. Hence, the process of harnessing solar energy is becoming cheaper, so that it is gradually being used even in such areas where conventional energy sources had held sway over the past years. According to experts, vehicles that use internal combustion are on their way out, with solar-powered vehicles taking their place. This would definitely lift the purity of the air surrounding us. Thus, solar energy holds out significant advantages over other conventional energy sources. Indeed, it is on its way to become one of the chief sources of power worldwide.

Before actually setting up solar power systems, a training manual needs to be consulted regarding the proper manner of installing such systems. The place to acquire batteries, the place where you can get these batteries for free, and the ideal place to set up such a system are all discussed in the manual. All possible safety related queries as well as the wiring systems need to be explained in detail. Once users have these data, they can easily set up effective solar energy systems in their homes.

About the Author:
Jim Martin is a researcher, inventor, home energy consultant and author of the best-selling e-book, "Earth 4 Electricity- Renewable Energy Made Easy". To Learn More about Jim Martin's Unique Step By Step Solar and Wind Power System Visit: Earth 4 Electricity. For further information visit: Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages .

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