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Advantages of Blackhawk Holsters

Advantages of Blackhawk Holsters


Advantages of Blackhawk Holsters

by Wilson Green

If you are looking for a pistol holster, look first to Blackhawk tactical gear. Truly, Blackhawk holsters are maybe the most excellent extreme duty holsters offered for military or on-duty applications. Not only are Blackhawk tactical gear great looking, but they are demonstrated battle ready and intended to be used and to endure in tremendous environments. Not considering of the function, a Blackhawk holster is a instrument that can be relied upon.

Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster

Amazingly, the design of the holsters is top of the line to present strength, resilience as well as the advantage of light weight materials. The CQC holster is a carbon fiber and graphite composite made from aerospace materials for a lightweight and nearly indestructible holster.

In addition to its weight and wear benefits, the CQC Serpa holster uses a very exclusive locking system that minimizes confiscation of the weapon by individuals other than the wearer. This system allows the wearer immediate access to the weapon, but includes a retention system that keeps others from being able to un-holster the weapon. This patented thumb break system is a fantastic feature that once again demonstrates the advantage of the Blackhawk holster.

Depending on your weapon of pick, Blackhawk has a holster for you. Even though Blackhawk systems are generally belt-worn, there are similar shoulder holsters available. These other types of holsters may not be as popular with police, military and protection professionals, but for general revolver enthusiasts, they are a great alternative.

Although Blackhawk is the leader in tactical revolver accessories and holsters, it is not your only preference of weapon retention systems. There are plentiful other manufacturers and holster designs that suit the wants of gun enthusiasts. True, if you are a confidence or law enforcement specialist the Blackhawk holster would give you the security and piece of mind that you need. However, if you are merely looking to carry a weapon and not necessarily counting on drawing it in the line of duty on a routine basis, a less advanced holster design may be a good preference.

For those individuals that don't need a Blackhawk holster, a simple rawhide holster, or carbon fiber shoulder holster may better meet their needs. The choice of a holster is as exclusive as the pick of the weapon that goes into it. It all depends on the requirements of the person

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