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Advantages of Article Marketing

Advantages of Article Marketing


Advantages of Article Marketing

by Justin Harrison

Prior to the rise of the internet as a major player in marketing, article marketing was considered to be useful for promotion in print media. The need for well-written articles has increased greatly with new online venues such as websites, ezines, and e-mail newsletters. Today, article marketing is even more powerful, due to these new means of communication.

When someone is looking to advertise for their business, they usually will turn to a critic and have them write an article about the business. And when that happens usually the business will be flooded with more customers, but then if the review is bad, then the business will lose business.

Offering your own content for publishing is essentially the same as obtaining free advertising spots on web sites across the globe. Being able to target the correct market, and keep costs to an absolute minimum creates an excellent and efficient method of business communication.

E-mail campaigns used to generate leads commonly one result in a response rate of 1% whereas marketing via articles is targeting an audience eager to read. The article readers have either signed up on the web site or decided to receive the newsletter. This audience wants to receive this information and is more apt to visit the author's site to find out more information.

An article will only be published if there is an established group of potential buyers already ready to read it. Readers seek out good content articles and you can use good articles as an chance to promote related products and services. Think about your other option. If you were to buy a database of comparably active leads you would pay considerably more! By taking just a small amount of time to write an article you've already provided all the investment needed.

To gain more on your conversion rate, as a business owner you can provide links to specific information from the author's biography. Instead of just sending readers to the home page, the writer can provide the website of a specific article that expands upon the given topic. This will cause readers to look up, and trust, additional facts.

A further improvement to conversion rates can be made by providing an email address that readers can contact to subscribe to the author's newsletter or website. It is best to make this action as simple as possible to increase the chances of readers opting in. Then an auto-responder can send automated messages to those who've signed up that point out certain features of the author's website they might be interested in.

The first thing some company's think about it, how can I draw more customers to my site. And then they try and figure out how to succeed. When this happens it will not happen over night. It may take some time for the site to get a lot of hits, but when it does, the company will have more business that they probably will know what to do with.

About the Author:
Justin Harrison is a leading Internet Marketing consultant responsible for the Internet Marketing strategies behind some of the biggest online brands including Amazon, BBC, MasterCard and many others.

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