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Adobe Elements For Beginners - Retouching And Correcting Images

Adobe Elements For Beginners - Retouching And Correcting Images


Adobe Elements For Beginners - Retouching And Correcting Images

by David Peters

As all digital photographers know digital cameras can take some amazing photos, but sometimes your photos just fall short of being perfect. Elements has all the tools necessary to make your photo perfect.

The best place to begin is to understand what you are seeing on your screen when you open up Elements and to become familiar with the tools you will be using.

Leveling Your Image by Cropping: No photographer, whether amateur or professional, gets their images perfect the first time around. As a matter of fact, from what I have learned, 95% of the people who use either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements do so in order to correct the images they have taken. After taking your photos you undoubtedly will find that there could have been things done to enhance the photo or things you would want to change if you could redo the shot. Whether it was zooming, cropping or rotating the photo, you undoubtedly might have done it better if you had a second chance.

Standard digital cameras have a ratio of 4:3 (4 units wide by 3 units high) which means the typical print size is 6x4, which is a ratio of 3:2 (3 units wide by 2 units high). To increase or decrease this you can use the aspect ratio dialog box.

If you need to crop your image or photo to a specific size you can. Just open up the aspect ratio dialogue and to do this you need to click on image then crop. If you look at the top you'll see a width and a height box and you can work these in inches or centimetres. For inches just type in "in" and for centimetres just type in "cm".

Personally I never enter anything in the resolution box, the reason being Elements automatically re-samples your image or photo.

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