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Adjustable Kettlebells Attract More Participants

Adjustable Kettlebells Attract More Participants


Adjustable Kettlebells Attract More Participants

by Dave Krigger

Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years in Russia. It is believed that they were once used as counterweights in Russian markets. Villagers began to use them as training tools, and strength contests were held across Russia.

About 10 years ago, Kettlebells were introduced in the United States and they gradually became very popular among athletes from all different types of sports. They were the beneficiaries of the incredible fitness that is achievable from working out with a Kettlebell.

People have many misconceptions about kettlebells. They can't understand how swinging a cannonball around can be good for you. Well, they are, in fact, a great workout tool. People who work out with kettlebells report substantial and quick fitness gains.

It is a difficult thing to start a workout routine with a Kettlebell. First, a beginner has to figure out what weight to start with. Then she must figure out what exercises to do, and what the correct form should be.

There are not many gyms around that have a full rack of kettlebells for a person to try. I have also seen fitness instructors who don't have a clue as to how to use a kettlebell. So, the answers can rarely be found at your local gym.

I have been working out with Kettlebells for the past three years. While trying to train others, I have found it difficult to adapt a kettlebell to a beginner's routine without having a bunch of kettlebells to choose from.

I recently discovered that Weider developed an adjustable kettlebell. It is the perfect combination of traditional kettlebells and modern creativity. A person can use an adjustable kettlebell and set it to a comforable weight. As they progress, they can simply add more weight. Special training videos train the user on proper technique.

Now, more than one person with varying abilities can train with the same device. And, one person can use the same adjustable kettlebell, even though she requires differing weights for different exercises. So, a person can use 35 pounds for the swing exercise, then remove two 5 pound plates to use 24 pounds for the clean and press. Convenience and power merge for the ultimate kettlebell workout.

About the Author:
Learn from Dave Krigger how easy it is for you to get in great shape with Adjustable Weight Kettlebells. Watch demonstration videos on some Kettlebell workouts, and learn how the Adjustable Kettlebell will build muscle and burn fat faster than you ever thought possible.

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