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Adjustable Beds And Sleep Number Benefit

Adjustable Beds And Sleep Number Benefit


Adjustable Beds And Sleep Number Benefit

by Moe Kittaneh

Each individual person has a completely unique body shape and a different idea of exactly what comfort means. Additionally, our personal idea of comfort can change over time due to weight gain or loss, pregnancy, illness, and stress. Because of this, it does not make sense that everyone will be comfortable on the same mattress in the same position night after night. Luckily, every aspect of sleep can now be customized by using adjustable air mattresses, like a sleep number bed, with adjustable beds.

First, let's take a look at the benefits offered by adjustable air mattresses. These beds have air chambers contained inside the mattress which are controlled by an air pump and hand controls. The chambers can be adjusted to the desired pressure, providing a firm or soft bed at the touch of a button. Queen and king mattresses are even available with dual camber designs, which allow each side to be controlled independently. This is perfect for couples who do not agree on mattress firmness, as neither person is forced to compromise their sleep.

Quality air mattresses can last twice as long as traditional beds, since the air chambers do not compress and lose their shape overtime like springs and coils do. As long as the air chambers utilize a high gauge vulcanized latex rubber, 20 mil or thicker, and are well sealed, they should last for up to 20 years or longer. For optimal comfort, the chambers should be five to six inches thick and have a baffled design for even air flow. Many air mattresses will come with 20 year warranties, so they are built to last. Not all air mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds, so do check with the retailer.

One other great feature of the air beds is that you can customize the sleeping surface. If you prefer the feel of a traditional mattress, then you can go with a high or low profile fiber fill pillow top. Memory foam pillow tops are a natural partner to the air mattresses and enhance the pressure free comfort and gentle support of the air bed. Recently, latex tops are also gaining popularity. The all natural latex foam is great, as it provides a cooler sleep and is virtually allergen free. For longevity, it is best to select either memory foam or latex foam surfaces, as they will keep their shape and last longer than fiber pillow tops.

The adjustable beds take the adjustability of air mattresses to a whole new level. Not only can you adjust the feel of the bed, but also the shape. Since our bodies are not flat, sleeping on a completely flat surface can be linked to back pain, leg pain, and more. With adjustable beds, more ergonomic positions can be achieved. Individuals with poor circulation often report marked improvement in discomfort by slightly elevating the legs, and back pain can be alleviated through a zero gravity position in which the legs are raised to a 45 degree angle and the head is slightly elevated. This takes the strain of support off of the lower back, allowing the muscles to truly relax.

About the Author:
There are unlimited comfort positions which can be achieved through adjustable beds. When paired with adjustable air mattresses like the sleep number bed make for the best night's sleep, every night, for years to come.

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