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Acing The CPA Exam

Acing The CPA Exam


Acing The CPA Exam

by Cathy Howard

Any mention of taking the CPA exam to any accountant will elicit the look of utmost distaste and displeasure, if not fear. Without a doubt, for every accountant, young and old, the challenge of passing the CPA is the ultimate trial of their profession.

It is well known that passing the CPA exam will of course just mean more hard work after getting the label CPA. However, it remains to be the ultimate goal of most accountants. Anyone who wants to take the test will certainly find several tips for preparing for it useful.

Be mindful of the amount of time spent on each question. Here's an estimate of how much time you should spend on the sections: For Financial Accounting and Reporting, 1 - 2 minutes on each question should be sufficient, while 2 minutes for Auditing and 1 - 2 minutes for Regulation and Business Environment Concepts should be alright.

Study the format. Do not pass on the opportunity to take the tutorial and sample test. Do it several times, if you feel it is needed. In an exam where time is of utmost importance, you do not want to waste any time understanding and reading on how to navigate your way around each part.

Remember that you will not be able to review questions within any test let/simulation but you will not be able to go back to a test let/simulation once you have exited from it.

Make sure you peruse through all the choices before answering. It is tempting to choose the first choice that seems right, but since the exam is after all, designed to be tricky and examiners will include more than one good answer, you will be forced to choose the best out of the choices.

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