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Acid Reflux What Are The Signs

Acid Reflux What Are The Signs


Acid Reflux: What Are The Signs

by Frank Robson

The meal was delectable, to die for even, and you ate as much as you could. Clearly you just couldn't bring yourself to say no to that tantalizing beef dish with its savory cream sauce.

After such a delicious meal, you couldn't help but curl up in your most comfortable position on the couch and watch your favorite television show. Naturally, there were peanuts available to snack on, sweet chocolate to satisfy your sugary cravings with, and a glass of fine wine to sip at your leisure.

Welcome to signs of Acid Reflux.

Even a situation as seemingly perfect as the one described above can be ruined by chest discomfort. A sour tasting fluid filled with the flavors of all the foods that you've been digesting can surge up past your breastbone and fill up your throat. Despite your desire to vomit out such a terrible mixture, it decides to stay right there causing extreme discomfort.

Thanks to the Vagus nerve that springs into action during an abdominal upset, some people even get dizzy spells as part of the Acid Reflux reaction.

Ignoring the symptoms mentioned can further lead to feeling like there is food stuck inside your throat. Another feeling sometimes described by people is that of food not traveling comfortably down the food pipe.

If you show symptoms of a sore throat, breathing difficulties, or even a constant urge to clear your throat, this is a sign that you are now a confirmed member of a community that suffers from Acid Reflux, also known in medical parlance as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Turns out that this Acid Reflux disease has nothing to do with genetic disposition, age, nationality, race and other classifying factors, but has everything to do with your attitude towards the quality of your eating, nutrition, and health. A child of two can get this disease, so can a teenager, and so can a senior in the family. While a very young child getting an Acid Reflux problem may be related to physiological development concerns, for everyone else , it is almost a disease brought on by overindulgence , and abuse of your digestive system.

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