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Accounting Ethics For Beginners

Accounting Ethics For Beginners


Accounting Ethics For Beginners

by Cathy Howard

Accounting ethics is included in applied ethics, which studies moral views and judgments as they apply to the field. It is also part of professional ethics. Accounting was first introduced by Luca Pacioli. Curriculum or modules of accounting courses at higher education institutions and companies training accountants and auditors include ethics topics.

A high level of ethics is required by the nature of the work involved in what accountants and auditors. Financial statements are relied upon by shareholders, potential shareholders, and other users who are concerned with the company.

They can utilize this information to make a wise choice about investment. Without a doubt, they rely on the opinion of the accountants who are responsible for the statements, as well as the auditors who stand by it, to present a reliable and acceptable view of the company. Once accountants and auditors have basic training in ethics they'll also know how to overcome ethical problems.

A general knowledge of ethics can help accountants and auditors to overcome ethical dilemmas, allowing for the right choice that, although it may not benefit the company, will benefit the public who relies on the accountant or auditor's reporting. This in turn will also benefit the profession and those engaged in it by improving their consumer trust rating.

As there is a broad range of accounting services and recent corporate collapses, ethical standards accepted within the accounting profession have been given much popularity. The collapses have unfortunately led to a widespread disregard for the reputation of the accounting profession.

To put a halt to criticism and fraudulent practices in accounting, the field has favored regulations and remedies for improved ethics among those in the profession.

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