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Acai Berry - Vitamin C and Antioxidants

Acai Berry - Vitamin C and Antioxidants


Acai Berry - Vitamin C and Antioxidants

by Anne Torres

I have been a dog lover since I was young. In fact, I have 4 dogs in the house. I really don't care for them like dogs. I treat them as my family, part of my family that is. We had pet dogs ever since I can remember.

The first dog that I ever had was Jeffrey and he was with us for 5 years but he died, I was 3 years old then. My mom was never in favor of dogs because she's afraid of the dog hairs that it might affect my health but I was unrelenting so she allowed me to have dogs. My mom is working in Hawaii so we only see each other every 3 months. So every time she's not here, I always make it a point to sleep together with my dogs, the four of them.

8 months ago, I was rushed to the hospital as a result of asthma attack. That was my second attack in 24 years but it was the worst attack ever. When I was rushed to the hospital, I was nebulized 7 times since I can not breathe at all.

After two days, I got better. The doctor told me to stay away from a lot of food that can cause my asthma like chicken, egg, eggplant and many others and his last instruction was to get rid of my dogs. What? I can't do that. Never. I was not able to sleep really well when I was in the hospital because I was constantly thinking about my dogs and what to do with them.

When I was discharged from the hospital, I was problematic for almost a week because I can't seem to figure out what to do with my dogs. I was reading a lot of different books just to get an answer but I did not find anything until a friend of mine told me about acai berry and how it can help cure asthma.

You see, acai berry has vitamin c. While it may not stay close with guava as the fruit with the highest vitamin c content, the quantity of vitamin c that acai berry has is adequate to enhance the body's requirement for the vitamin. Vitamin C has to major role in our body: It can perk up ones immune system which initiates the betterment and enhances the ability to stay away from stresses that can cause asthma attacks and the other one is it acts as an antioxidant and can facilitate losing weight.

About the Author:
Acai berrynot only is helpful for those who want to lose weight, it is also a great supplement to enhance our immune system to fight diseases. For those who are budget conscious, there is an available acai berry trialalmost everywhere. Get it now to live healthier.

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