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Acai Berry Juice Products

Acai Berry Juice Products


Acai Berry Juice Products

by Dana Hawkes

The acai berry is sold in different forms outside its native geographical region of the Amazonian rainforest. This berry is highly perishable and that is the reason it cannot be sold in its exact form. It has a short shelf life of merely a day, and it needs to be processed within this period. The acai berry juice is the commonest way in which it is processed.

The acai berry juice is just what its name shows - it is a juice that contains mainly the juice of acai berries. But since the taste of the acai berry can be quite strong for some people, this juice is mixed with juices of some other fruits. There are pure acai berry juices available too; however, people consume those for its nutritional value more than anything else.

The nutritionally rich acai berry juices actually don't need any other substances added, except maybe the pure juice of some other fruit. The acai berry is naturally sweet. Hence, most of these juices don't even add sugar. However, the slightly sharp taste can be disagreeable to a few people. The acai berry taste needs some getting used to. Hence, even people who find the juice disagreeable at first start liking its taste later on.

The main reason why the acai berry juice has become common in current times is because there has been a lot of research on its health benefits. The berries are proved to be very powerful in helping people with weight loss and maintaining their cholesterol levels. They also help in reducing aging signs in people and help them to improve their visual health and mental deficiencies. The berry has shown itself useful in boosting male libido also. With all these benefits, it is quite understandable why the acai berry juice has become so common over the Internet in present times.

Different manufacturers recommend different dosages of the acai berry juice for the desired benefits. If the juice is pure acai, a shot glass is the right measure to take. But if the juice is mixed with other fruit juices, then the recommended amount to be taken is a full glass.

About the Author:
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