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Acai Berry Diet in the News Media

Acai Berry Diet in the News Media


Acai Berry Diet in the News Media

by Dana Hawkes

The acai berry has seen a lot of promotion in the last ten years. The acai berry diet is slowly being recognized as a possible diet to help people gain energy, lose weight, and add antioxidants into their body. While the questions remain as to the actual benefits of the acai berry diet, the berry has managed to find it's way onto many forms of the news media.


Oprah has given a lot of news to the acai berry over the last few years. Many have tied her support to the acai berry diet, although she simply states the benefits of the food itself. The doctor on her show, Dr. Perricone, has listed Acai berries as "nature's energy fruit". Acai berry diet information found on her website and show simply revolve around the actual properties of acai, and how it can help the body.

Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray has also found a place for the Acai berry and the acai berry diet, as it was featured on her daytime television show. Rachel stressed the benefits of the acai berry and how it is incredibly important to overall health. As many know, losing weight can only happen while healthy; the acai berry diet can offer that health.

ABC News

ABC news has been the leader in calling out acai berry diet scams. The news station has run several news stories and online stories about acai berry diets. Mainly, the company looks at the claims of the acai berry diet websites and how they may be unfounded.

The acai berry diet has become popular, and therefore, has gained steam in the news world. Like any diet, there are pros and cons to the acai berry diet; taking in information from multiple sources before starting is key.

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About the Author:
Dana Hawkes lost over 45 pounds by following the Acai Berry Diet, and you can do it, too! Visit her site now for more information about Acai Berry supplements, the Acai Berry Diet, and even get a free trial!

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