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Acai Berry And The Benefits Of Omega Fats

Acai Berry And The Benefits Of Omega Fats


Acai Berry And The Benefits Of Omega Fats

by Dana Hawkes

Omega fatty acids are a huge part of acai berries. Those who follow the acai berry diet will find that they are getting a good amount of multiple Omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids have become more and more familiar as people realize their health benefits. Unfortunately, people think that these fats can only be found in fish. The acai berry features multiple omega fatty acids that are good for the body.

What are Omega Fats?

Omega fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids. These can be found in multiple ways. Acai berries feature omega fatty acids 6 and 9. Omega fatty acids can be found in fish, and comes in the form of fish oil and fish supplements. Simply eating fish can get you the omega fatty acids that you need. Farm fed animal products (such as meat, eggs, milk, and cheese) can also feature omega fatty acids.

Benefits of Omega Fats

Omega fatty acids are known as good fats for a reason. These fats can help the body in different ways. Omega fatty acids can help reduce the chance of heart attacks and arteriosclerosis. Omega fats can also help prevent hair loss.

Omega fatty acids are believed to be able to help prevent certain types of cancers as well. Omega fatty acids are "good", and should not be lumped into the same category as bad fats, such as trans fatty acids and saturated fats.

Omega fats are good for those who are trying to improve their overall health. By eating acai berries and following an acai berry diet, you will be getting the omega fatty acids that you need. Taking acai berry juice or supplements along with omega fatty acid fats is a great way to be as health as possible.

About the Author:
Dana Hawkes lost over 45 pounds by following the Acai Berry Diet, and you can do it, too! Visit her site now for more information about Acai Berry supplements, the Acai Berry Diet, and even get a free trial!

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